• 21 Military Health Resort
    21 Military Health Resort


    ul. Rzewuskiego 8

    28-100 Busko-Zdrój

    Tel. +48 41 378 03 85

    The facility offers 320 lodging places in rooms with bathrooms and suites. Each room is equipped with phone, TV SAT, refrigerator and free WI-FI.

  • Accomodation in Municipal Recreation and Leisure Centre
    Accomodation in Municipal Recreation and Leisure Centre


    ul. Szkolna 14

    27-200 Starachowice

    Tel. +48 41 274 17 07

    Room from: 30 PLN

    The facility is situated in Municpal Recreation and Leisure Centre which gives opportunity to enjoy all sports facility: swimming pool, playground, gym, etc.

  • Accomodation in National Museum
    Accomodation in National Museum


    pl. Zamkowy 1

    25-010 Kielce

    Tel. +48 41 344 40 14 wew. 203

    Room from: 75 PLN

    Guest room in the National Museum is a great opportunity for all who appreciate original solutions.

  • Afor

    Borków 64

    26-021 Daleszyce

    Tel. +48 41 317 11 71

    Room from: 70 zł

    The cosy and intimate AFOR complex is located in the fir forest in the valley of Bielnianka, river on the foot of Swietokrzyskie Mountains - one of the most beautiful and tourist areas in the southern Poland.

  • Agata i Krzysztof Gierasimowicz
    Agata i Krzysztof Gierasimowicz

    Lasek 8

    26-065 Piekoszów

    Tel. +48 607 897 658

    The agrotourist farm offers many attractions: hiking tours (wagon in summer, sleigh in winter), feasts and bonfires with sausages and singing as well as picking mushrooms and berries.



    ul. Kościuszki 6A

    28-131 Solec-Zdrój

    Tel. +48 41 377 60 83

    Room from: 27 PLN

    Agava is located near the spa resort in the immediate vicinity of Spa Park. The tradition of renting rooms in the FWP goes back to the 70s.

  • Agnieszka i Jarosław Kuca
    Agnieszka i Jarosław Kuca

    Kotuszów 90

    28-225 Szydłów

    Tel. +48 696 551 110

    Close to the farm house there is a river Czarna, meadows and forests. A near situated stud farm gives the opportunity to ride and to learn how to ride a horse.

  • Agnieszka i Rafał Gawlikowie
    Agnieszka i Rafał Gawlikowie

    Śladków Mały 99

    26-020 Chmielnik

    Tel. +48 41 354 39 30

    Room from: 25 zł

    A farm house is located outside the village and surrounded by ponds and forests. Unique landscape, richness of nature, soothing silence as well as possibility to angle are the source of interest of tourist not only from Poland but also, recently from abroad.

  • Agnieszka Szymczyk
    Agnieszka Szymczyk


    ul. 1-go Maja 37

    29-120 Kluczewsko

    Tel. +48 44 781 42 79

    A course of weaving is the main attraction of this farm. In small groups one can learn how to weave. The hostess manufactures artistic clothes with the use of arras technique.

  • Agro


    ul. Mokoszyńska 3

    27-600 Sandomierz

    Tel. +48 15 833 31 06

    Room from: 50 PLN

    AGRO complex invites groups and individuals. The facility is located near old city which guarantees access to the most famous attractions of Sandomierz.

  • Agro-Jaga

    Święta Katarzyna

    ul. Żeromskiego / 27

    26-010 Bodzentyn

    Tel. +48 41 311 23 12

    A farm is located in a lag of the Świętokrzyski National Park with many tourist tracks, ski lifts and one water basin within easy reach. Hosts offer an accomodation for 12 persons in double and triple rooms with bathrooms.

  • Agro-Turbo

    Antoniów Mały 47

    27-423 Bałtów

    Tel. +48 41 260-09-64

    Agro-Turbo is located 4 km from Bałtów. The hotel offers rooms for three, four and five persons, catering kitchen, dining room, and large bathroom.

  • Agro-Willa Dzika Róża
    Agro-Willa Dzika Róża

    Kamień Łukawski 61

    27-600 Sandomierz

    Tel. +48 15 644 62 29

    Room from: 40 zł

    "Dzika Róża" is located in the heart of the oldest mountains in Europe called Pieprzowe Mountains (Pepper Mountains), on the top of their summit.

  • AGROGOŚCINA Danuta Kowalik
    AGROGOŚCINA Danuta Kowalik

    Święta Katarzyna

    ul. Kielecka 41

    26-010 Bodzentyn

    Tel. +48 41 311 23 13

    The farm offers year-round double and triple rooms that are self-contained flat on the floor of the house in the center of Święta Katarzyna.

  • AgroLagowia


    ul. Słupska 54

    Tel. +48 41 307 41 98

    Room from: 25 PLN

    The farm is situated in the heart of the Świętokrzyskie Region making it a perfect base for exploring all of its attractions, including sleigh rides, Geotourism, bike trails and hiking.


    Nowe Kotlice 54

    28-305 Sobków

    Tel. +48 41 387 92 23

    Room from: 40 PLN

    Agropark is located in New Kotlice Sobków belonging to the Sobków Municipality. Agropark is extremely picturesque located: among forests and the river Nida.

  • Agropodzamcze


    Podzamcze 8

    26-060 Chęciny

    Tel. +48 41 315 14 71

    Room from: 30 PLN

  • Alba Alina Bajor
    Alba Alina Bajor

    Skarbka 42

    27-423 Bałtów

    Tel. +48 41 264 11 10

    Room from: 25 PLN

    The farm is located about 2 km from famous Jurassic Park in Bałtów. In the vicinity of the farm runs a blue trail Pętkowice - Holy Cross - 82 km length. The farm has a Certificate of Organic Farms.

  • Aleksandra Węglarska
    Aleksandra Węglarska

    Piotrów-Porębiska 6

    26-025 Łagów

    Tel. +48 41 307 43 27

    The farm is located at the foot of the Świętokrzyskie Mountains near Jeleniowski Chain with a view of the Holy Cross and Zbójecką Cave.

  • Alina Kotwa
    Alina Kotwa

    Sędek 93

    26-025 Łagów

    Tel. +48 41 307 48 35

    One can try the original, home-made products such as milk, dairy products, fruits and vegetable as well as an excellent cheese.