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  • Informacje szczegółoweZwińRozwiń
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      Urząd Wojewódzki Kielce
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      • We accept payment by credit card
      • We speak German
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      • Non smoking rooms
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      Kielce , ul. Urzędnicza 13
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      Kielce Region
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      22 PLN
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      200 PLN
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    • Surrounding AttractionsZwińRozwiń
    Tower of Art
    Tower of Art

    Gallery was situated in a reconstructed building which funcioned as a part of old railway station. City leased the building from the station and adapted to gallery. Through the windows one can see the panorama of Kielce city. Gallery offers many interesting articles from different fields of art.

    • Kielce, pl. Niepodległości 1
    • +48 41 278 12 32
    Kadzielnia Reserve
    Kadzielnia Reserve

    Geological attractiveness of Kielce is best proved by the presence of four inanimate nature reserves on the city’s territory. Very well-known is the Kadzielnia that contains an inselberg known as the Rock of Geologists located in the central part of the former open-pit quarry.

    • Kielce
    • +48 41 367 66 53
    Caves in Kadzielnia Reserve
    Caves in Kadzielnia Reserve

    Kadzielnia is a widely recognized landmark in Kielce. It is a hill 295 m high located in the south part of the city. On the slopes of the hill there once grew plants used for making incense which gave the hill its name.

    • Kielce, Kadzielnia
    • +48 41 242 14 96
    Gallery of Contemporary Sacred Art "Dom Praczki" in Kielce
    Gallery of Contemporary Sacred Art "Dom Praczki" in Kielce

    The collection of the gallery includes works of Polish artists: Tadeusz Kantor, Wladyslaw Hasior, Jerzy Nowosielski, Jerzy Beres and Adam Heron. One can see sculptures, paintings, installations and photographs. Besides the permanent exhibition, "Dom Praczki" organizes contemporary exhibitions.

    • Kielce, ul. Zamkowa 5/7
    • +48 41 360 00 02
    Tomasz Zieliński Residence
    Tomasz Zieliński Residence

    In 1847, the head of the Kielce county authorities Tomasz Zieliński, a patron of fine arts and lover of antiquities, became a leaseholder of a riding school building and transformed it into a private residence.

    • Kielce, ul. Zamkowa 5
    • +48 41 368 20 53

    The earliest records about its trading activities date back to 1084 – it"s also the date of the construction of St Adalbert"s church. At the turn of the 11th century, Kielce and the Łysa Góra estate were already in hands of the Cracovian bishops. Kielce received its city rights in 1295, although some sources mention the year 1360 and bishop Bodzanta.

    • Kielce
    • +48 41 348 00 60
    A Geological Paradise
    A Geological Paradise

    Kielce is considered as a city of outstanding geological qualities with its four geological reserves located in the city’s area. The most famous of them is Kadzielnia reserve established in lieu of the former quarry.

    • Kielce
    • +48 41 367 66 54
    Photo Gallery ZPAF in Kielce
    Photo Gallery ZPAF in Kielce

    Art Exhibitions Office in Kielce exhibition runs regular activity in our galleries and in cooperation with other galleries and institutions in the country. Office realizes foreign art exhibitions in Kielce and Kielce artists abroad, as well as, promotes work of local artists, the most interesting artistic environment at home and abroad.

    • Kielce, ul. Planty 7
    • +48 41 344 76 36
    The Centre of Patriotic and Civic Reflection
    The Centre of Patriotic and Civic Reflection

    The Centre of Patriotic and Civic Reflection came into existence in the building of old prison in Kielce. It is a place where citizens of Kielce and Świętokrzyskie region could learn about their ancestors’ patriotic and civic achievements. The concept of the exhibition was developed by Mirosław Nizio – the author of the exhibition in The Warsaw Rising Museum.

    • Kielce, ul. Zamkowa 3
    • +48 41 367 68 01
    The Jan Karski Society in Kielce
    The Jan Karski Society in Kielce

    The Jan Karski Society was established in 2005 as a kind of continuation of the ‘Memory – Dialogue – Reconciliation’ Civic Association, which was formed in order to prepare the celebrations of the 50th anniversary of the Kielce Pogrom in 1996.

    • Kielce, ul. Planty 7
    • +48 577 809 333
    • Tourist opinionsZwińRozwiń
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    The hotel is situated near the city center and railway station. Fair guests appreciate good transport link to Fair Center and to the most attractive places in Kielce. Personel"s hospitable attitude towards tourists makes the stay comfortable. Ten-floored building with 50 tourist pavilons offer comfortable  rooms and the cheapest prices. Tired by long journey or busy day will find here peace and calm.



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