• Greenwood

    Borków 62

    26-021 Daleszyce

    Tel. +48 41 317 19 59

    Room from: 25 PLN

    Near the farm there is plenty of forests and the Chańcza reservoir, which is perceived as a paradise for watersports enthusiasts, anglers and wildlife observers.

  • Małgorzata i Mieczysław Gwizda
    Małgorzata i Mieczysław Gwizda

    Borków 110

    26-021 Daleszyce

    Tel. +48 41 317 16 57

    Room from: 30 PLN

    The hosts offer three separate, two-bedroom cottages with a bathroom and kitchenette. One can try the original, home-made products such as milk, dairy products, fruits and vegetables.

  • U Teresy
    U Teresy

    Borków 105

    26-021 Daleszyce

    Tel. +48 41 317 12 42

    Room from: 30 zł

    The area price with peace, wealth of forests, beaches and angling sites. The farm is a base point for hiking or biking trips.

  • Zofia Zieja
    Zofia Zieja

    Borków 107

    26-021 Daleszyce

    Tel. +48 41 317 16 76

    Room from: 30 zł

    This farm house invites guests in Summer to spend holidays at a reservoir in Borków situated not far from the house.