• Agata i Krzysztof Gierasimowicz
    Agata i Krzysztof Gierasimowicz

    Lasek 8

    26-065 Piekoszów

    Tel. +48 607 897 658

    The agrotourist farm offers many attractions: hiking tours (wagon in summer, sleigh in winter), feasts and bonfires with sausages and singing as well as picking mushrooms and berries.

  • Krążek

    Lasek 7

    26-065 Piekoszów

    Tel. +48 41 306 16 08

    The farm is located directly above the lakes and surrounded by forests and meadows, and what attracts and provides a pleasant famiy atmosphere, is an open heart of the hosts.

  • Relaks w Cieniu Lipy
    Relaks w Cieniu Lipy

    Lasek 10

    26-065 Piekoszów

    Tel. +48 41 306 20 90

    The farm is located in the beautiful landscapes, forests, rivers and near numerous hiking trails. The area price with peace, wealth of forests, beaches and angling sites.