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Room from:27PLN

Agava is located near the spa resort in the immediate vicinity of Spa Park. The tradition of renting rooms in the FWP goes back to the 70s.

  • Solec-Zdrój, ul. Kościuszki 6A
  • +48 41 377 60 83
Barbara Boduszek
Room from:20PLN

The farm is located in scenic area of Ponidzie. The offer includes a separate house with a kitchen, a large yard around the house, an orchard, gazebo, barbecue, fireplace, camping and garden with vegetables and fruits.

  • Solec-Zdrój, ul. Szkolna 12
  • +48 41 377 61 59
Danuta Pęcherek

The house is situated on a representative street of Solec Zdroj, in the immediate vicinity of the spa.

  • Solec-Zdrój, ul. Słoneczna 15
  • +48 41 377 61 10