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Krystyna is a perfect place to stay during the spa treatment.s The host offers a daily entertainment program and a free trip every turnus, on Sundays.

  • Solec-Zdrój, ul. Krakowska 7
  • +48 41 377 61 45
Malinowy Zdrój
Room from:320PLN

Malinowy Zdrój is Poland’s first hotel to have been granted the German Medical Wellness certificate acknowledging the European standard of hotel, cosmetic and therapeutic services it provides.

  • Solec-Zdrój, ul. Leśna 7
  • +48 41 370 40 04
Room from:130

The guesthouse"s offer includes rehabilitation program - with a range of spa treatments on-site (physiotherapy, massage, cryotherapy, beauty treatments and spa baths), or close to the guesthouse (sulfide baths, hydrotherapy, spas).

  • Solec-Zdrój, ul. Targowa 2
  • +48 41 377 61 80