Crypt on the Święty Krzyż Mountain

Crypt on the Święty Krzyż Mountain
Święty Krzyż
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One of the biggest attraction of the monastery on the Święty Krzyż Mountain is the crypt, in which the human remains in the glass coffins can be seen. It is the place of eternal rest for the Oleśnickis chapel"s founder – Mikołaj Oleśnicki, his wife Zofia, Oleśnickis" children, anonymous participant of January Uprising, Sierakowski abbot and - in the central coffin – prince Jeremi Wiśniowiecki. The prince went down to Polish history as an outstanding chief, tactician and organizer of numerous war expeditions. He thought with Cossacks which brought him respect among the gentry which allowed his son to reach for the title of the king of Poland. He died in 1651 and his body was transported to the Oleśnickis Chapel on Święty Krzyż. In recent years the scientists have undermined the theory that it is the authentic body of Michał Korybut Wiśniowiecki"s father. The recent tests prove, however, that these are indeed the remains of Jeremi Wiśniowiecki which are buried in the crypt on the Święty Krzyż. Few basic facts prove the theory right: the coffin is made in accordance with the the deceased’s will, it was prepared for a long journey, the size and weight of the body match the descriptions from the times of Wiśniowiecki’s life. The radiologists doted the “i"s” and crossed the “t"s” with the analysis which proved that the man had to be alive between 1630 and 1640. Notice that in 1630 the second half of Wiśniowiecki"s life begun.

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