National Museum in Kielce

National Museum in Kielce
ul. Zamkowa 1
25-010 Kielce
Facility type:
+48 41 344 23 18



photo Grzegorz Szczęsny

The seat of the National Museum in Kielce is a palace, which once belonged to Cracow Bishops. The Cracow Bishops’ palace was founded by Jakub Zadzik in the years 1637–1641. The bishops’ palace is one of the best-preserved monuments of architecture in Poland dating back to the times of the Waza dynasty. The rooms on the first floor retained their original interiors, beam ceilings, ceilings decorated with paintings and walls decorated with friezes. At the back of the residence, they restored a decorative Italian garden with quarter arrangement dating back to the 17th century. The Museum conducting its activities in the place houses the following permanent exhibitions: Historic Interiors of the 17th and 18th centuries; Ancient European and Polish armament, the sanctuary of the Marshal Józef Piłsudski and the Gallery of Polish Painting and Decorative Art (with works of arts of such artists as, among others, P. Michałowski, J. Kossak, J. Brandt, J. Chełmoński and J. Malczewski).


The National Museum – Formem Cracow Bishops’ Palace

Plac Zamkowy 1
25-010 Kielce
Phone: +48 41 344 23 18

Opening hours:
Tuesday - Sunday: 10.00 - 18.00

Tickets prices:
full  10 PLN
half-price 8 PLN

Information can be obtained in The Regional Center of Tourist Information
ul. Sienkiewicza 29
25-007 Kielce
Phone: +48 41 348 00 60


Practical Information

  • Accomodation in National Museum
    Accomodation in National Museum


    pl. Zamkowy 1

    Tel. +48 41 344 40 14 wew. 203

    Room from: 75 PLN

    Guest room in the National Museum is a great opportunity for all who appreciate original solutions.

  • Rooms in Palace of Tomasz Zieliński
    Rooms in Palace of Tomasz Zieliński


    ul. Zamkowa 5

    Tel. +48 41 368 20 54

    Room from: 60 PLN

    Tomasz Zieliński Palace is located in the cinty centre, near to the 17th century Bishop"s Palace. It was built by famous collector Tomasz Zieliński at the end of 19th century.

  • Bristol


    ul. Sienkiewicza 21

    Tel. +48 41 368 24 60

    Room from: 280 PLN

    The Bristol hotel is situated in the centre of Kielce at Sienkiewicza Street in a restored building erected in 19th century. Many banks, monuments, pubs and coffee rooms are avilable in the nearest neighbourhood.

  • Kwatera prywatna
    Kwatera prywatna


    ul. Mariacka 2

    Tel. +48 15 832 33 72

    Room from: 35 PLN

  • Citi Hotel
    Citi Hotel


    ul. Paderewskiego 4c/2

    Tel. +48 41 343 51 51

    Room from: 90 PLN

    The hotel is located approximately 150 m from the main pedestrian street of the city (Sienkiewicza Street) and about 400 m from the bus and railway station.

  • Dal


    ul. Piotrkowska 12

    Tel. +48 41 336 10 00

    Room from: 150

    Hotel Dal is the perfect place for people visiting Kielce for business or leisure. The hotel"s location offers excellent transportation options with all of the city.

  • Hostel Kielce
    Hostel Kielce


    ul. Sienkiewicza 57

    Tel. +48 507 943 890

    Room from: 50 PLN

  • Śródmiejski


    ul. Wesoła 5

    Tel. +48 41 344 15 07

    Room from: 130 PLN

    The hotel is situated in the centre of Kielce at Wesoła Street in a restored building erected in 19th century. Many banks, monuments, pubs and coffee rooms are avilable in the nearest neighbourhood.



    ul. Wesoła 3

    Tel. +48 41 344 61 53

    Room from: 60 PLN

    Located in the center of Kielce, the facility offers three well-equipped apartments. The location guarantees enjoying all the tourist attractions of Kielce.

  • Pod Złotą Różą
    Pod Złotą Różą


    pl. Moniuszki 7

    Tel. +48 41 341 50 02

    Room from: 192 PLN

    “Pod Złotą Różą” hotel is situated in the centre of Kielce, near the thoroughfare in a restored tenement which was built in the beginning of the 20th century.

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