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NIDA ZDRÓJ Sanatorium

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NIDA ZDRÓJ Sanatorium
Address: Street F. Rzewuskiego 9
28-100 Busko-Zdrój
poviat: buski
commune: Busko-Zdrój
Facility type: Health Resort
Min. guest price:108 PLN
Phone:+48 41 378 24 91


Located in the spa center and surrounded by a rest and recreation parkland, the sanatorium “Nida-Zdrój” offers health restoration therapies to patients suffering from locomotor and rheumatic conditions as well as to those who have nervous system disorders or dermatological problems. There is a physiotherapeutic facility on the premises of the sanatorium “Nida-Zdrój”, which ensures continuous care provided by the medical staff and offers many treatments helping to improve health of the patients: sulphide baths, vibratory and underwater massages, inhalations, gymnastic exercises in water pool, cryotherapy and therapeutic mud packings. The sanatorium cuisine also plays an important role in the process of convalescence: meals are not only tasty, but also adjusted to dietary needs of individual patients. Recently renovated, the sanatorium “Nida-Zdrój” offers hospitality in single and double rooms with all sanitary facilities, TV and telephone. Its premises are adapted for handicapped persons. “Your well-being is worth investment” - avail yourself of our top-class services.

CRYOTHERAPY – or cold therapy is the local or general use of low temperatures in medical therapy or the removal of heat from a body part. For this purpose the liquid nitrogen is usually used to freeze the tissues at the cellular level. The treatment lasts about 1-3 minutes and alleviate pain, fights inflammation, reduces edema, and improves mobility of joints.


Practical Information


autor: Krzysztof Szczęsny


autor: Krzysztof Szczęsny


autor: Krzysztof Szczęsny


autor: Krzysztof Szczęsny
  • General:
    • Standardization category:
    • Object type:
      - Health Resort
    • Spa resources:
      - Microclimate,
      - Medicinal Waters
    • POT Certificate: No
  • Accessibility:
    • Seasonal: No
    • The whole week: 24h
  • Amenities and services:
    • Amenities:
      - Swimming Pool,
      - We Speak English,
      - Car Park ,
      - No-Smoking Rooms ,
      - TV/SAT
    • Therapeutic procedures:
      - Physiotherapy,
      - Inhalations,
      - Cryotherapy,
      - Massage,
      - Compresses,
      - Ultrasounds,
      - Other
    • Treated disease:
      - Rheumatic and Musculoskeletal System,
      - Skin
  • Accommodation:
    • Number of bookings: 270
    • Number of rooms: 164
    • Single rooms with shower and sink: 44
    • Twin rooms with shower and sink: 109
    • Dorm rooms 9
    • Number of apartments: 2
    • Min. guest price: 108 PLN
    • Max. guest price: 300 PLN
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