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Practical Information

  • Detailed InformationZwińRozwiń
    • Object type:
      Guest rooms
    • Category of standardization:
    • Comments:
      Centrum konferencyjne Wypożyczalnia rowerów
    • Facilities:
      • Air-conditioning
      • We speak English
    • Additional services:
      • Kitchen
      • BBQ facilities
      • Place for a bonfire
      • Power connection
      • Laundry
      • Shower
      • Shop
    • County:
    • Community:
    • Address:
      Chęciny , ul. Łokietka 30
    • Postal Code:
    • Latitude:
    • Longitude:
    • Tourist region:
      Kielce Region
    • Position:
    • Number of seats:
    • No. of rooms:
    • Number of rooms 1 pers. With shower and sink:
    • Number of rooms 2 pers. With shower and sink:
    • Price min. per prsn:
      30 PLN
    • Price max. per prsn:
      40 PLN
    • Surrounding AttractionsZwińRozwiń

    Chęciny is a town located relatively close to Kielce on the route Warszawa – Kraków. The town underwent development owing to its deposits of precious metals such as lead, silver or copper. The picturesque panorama dominated by a Gothic castle...

    • Chęciny
    Franciscan Monastery Complex
    Franciscan Monastery Complex

    The monastery was founded by king Kazimierz Wielki in 1368. Ruined by Protestants and Swedes, it was rebuilt and enlarges in the later periods to acquire new cloisters, chapels and additional storeys. It was taken away from the Franciscans at the beginning of the 19th century and became a prison.

    • Chęciny, ul. Franciszkańska 10
    • +48 41 315 10 69
    Parish Church of St Bartholomew in Chęciny
    Parish Church of St Bartholomew in Chęciny

    The Parish Church of St Bartholomew is located at the rock terrace cut in the slope of the Zamkowa Mountain (300 m above sea level). It was probably founded by Władysław the Elbow-High. The construction was started around 1315 and was finished in the times of Kazimierz III the Great.

    • Chęciny, ul. Radkowska 4
    • +48 41 315 10 31
    Royal Castle in Chęciny
    Royal Castle in Chęciny

    On top of the highest rocky mountain in the environs, known as Mt Zamkowa, stands a ruin of the Gothic Royal Castle of Chęciny. It was erected before 1306, and king Władysław Łokietek, bishop Jan Muskate, and king Władysław II are mentioned as its founders.

    • Chęciny, pl. 2 Czerwca 4
    • Tourist opinionsZwińRozwiń

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    • 20.463893
    • 50.801192
    • Chęciny, ul. Łokietka 30