Schronisko PTSM w Opatowie

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    • Object type:
      Youth hostels
    • Category of standardization:
    • County:
    • Community:
    • Address:
      Opatów , ul. Słowackiego 56c
    • Postal Code:
    • Latitude:
    • Longitude:
    • Tourist region:
      Opatów Region
    • Position:
    • Number of seats:
      ok. 50
    • Phone:
      +48 15 868 21 99
    • Surrounding AttractionsZwińRozwiń
    St Martin the Bishop"s Parish Church in Opatów
    St Martin the Bishop"s Parish Church in Opatów

    One of the most spectacular examples of Romanesque architecture in Poland, St Martin"s Church was erected on the Latin cross pattern with the use of locally extracted flint sandstone in the 12th century. Its front is dominated by two differently shaped towers.

    • Opatów, ul. S. „Grota” Roweckiego 8
    • +48 15 868 27 64

    Opatów is the oldest stronghold of the Sandomierz region. Once known as Żmigród, it is located near the national road number 74 from Kielce to Lublin. First in possession of the Benedictine order, the town went subsequently into the hands of the king and the prince.

    • Opatów
    Underground Tourist Route in Opatów
    Underground Tourist Route in Opatów

    The dungeons of Opatów were created in times of the city"s prosperity caused by its growing influence and its location: here the merchant routes of Silesia – Cracow – Great Poland and Pomeranian – Ruthenia crossed.

    • Opatów
    • +48 15 868 27 78
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    • Opatów, ul. Słowackiego 56c
    • Schronisko PTSM w Opatowie