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    Situated in the River Koprzywnica valley, the town is known thanks to the Cistercians who built here their abbey in 1185. Its characteristic Baroque tower is visible from far away. Mikołaj Bogoria of the nearby Skotniki founded a monastery for the Cistercian monks arriving from Burgundy in the 12th century. Their activities ended in 1819 when the Cistercian order in Poland was dissolved. The return of once lost relics of St Florian was an important moment in the history of the local St Florian"s Church and its parishioners. They arrived to Koprzywnica brought from St Florian"s Church in Cracow in 1995.
    The town"s historical monuments that remained preserved till our times are the Church of the Holy Virgin Mary and St Florian and the eastern wing of the monastery. Twice remodelled (17th- 18th cc.), the church was erected in the years 1207-1218. It"s a three-nave basilica with cross and ribbed vaulting and demi-columns ornamented with floral and geometric motifs. Its high alter (17th c.) founded by Zbigniew Oleśnicki contains a magnificent painting (1646) by Bartłomiej Strobel featuring the ascension of the Holy Virgin Mary. In the only preserved part of the monastery is a large capitulary of which cross and ribbed vaulting is supported by two columns.

    Practical information:
    Tourist Information Point in Klimontów
    ul. Kościelna 5
    27-640 Klimontów
    Phone: +48 601 760 948

    Regional Center of Tourist Information
    ul. Sienkiewicza 29
    25-007 Kielce
    Phone: +48 41 348 00 60


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