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    photo Grzegorz Szczęsny

    The town of Raków was founded by the Żarnów castellan, Jan Sienieński, who was a Calvinist. He granted numerous privileges to the inhabitants and religious freedom. Owing to that fact, tradesmen and doctors began pouring in and noblemen started building their residencies there. Also, the most prominent representatives of the Arian thought, the so-called Polish Brethren, arrived at Raków, and the Rakowska Academy, gathering some eminent personalities from the world of science, was established. Today, one can only admire some traces of the former splendour of the town – the Holy Trinity church, built on the site of a former Arian chapel; a small, stone building from the 17th century, which was the dwelling-place of the minister of the Polish Brethren’s Community; the Saint Anne’s church, which belonged to the Order of the Reformati, dating from 1641; as well as some houses from Arian times.

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