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    Maria Łukomska
    Maria Łukomska

    • Osiedle Wrzosy
    • +48 41 300 17 10
    Gościniec Świętokrzyski - Tadeusz Pawlik
    Gościniec Świętokrzyski - Tadeusz Pawlik
    Pokój od: 60 PLN

    • Zagnańsk, ul. Bartkowe Wzgórze 19
    • +48 41 300 10 30
    Domek w Zagnańsku Rafał Dąbrowski
    Domek w Zagnańsku Rafał Dąbrowski

    • Osiedle Wrzosy
    • +48 698 680 161
    Pod Sosnami - Aneta Zwierzchowska
    Pod Sosnami - Aneta Zwierzchowska

    • Tumlin-Osowa, ul. Sosnowa 40
    • +48 41 300 31 50
    Pokój od: 80 zł/os.

    • Chrusty, Laskowa 95
    • +48 41 260 50 60
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    The little town of Zagnańsk is located on the territory of the  Suchedniowski-Oblęgorski Landscape Park, surrounded by beautiful woods of the Świętokrzyska Forest. These woods became an excellent source of raw material for the nearby foundries in Samsonów and Bobrza in the 18th century. Timber was loaded on carriages of the local narrow-gauge railway and brought to the sawmill at Zagnańsk. Since the time of World War I these railway lines penetrated woods of the region and reached as far as Mt Łysica and Święty Krzyż. After World War II certain section served passenger traffic for a while, but in the 1980s the whole infrastructure was dismantled. Now only an eye of an experienced tourist is able to identify barely noticeable remains of the once extensive industrial transportation network.

    Legendary oak Bartek
    It is not the timber carrying narrow-gauge railway line that made Zagnańsk well-known, but the 700-year-old Bartek. Still at the beginning of the century Bartek was believed to be about 1200-year-old, but recent tests put its age at around 700 years. A legend has it that its mighty branches offered shelter to kings, princes, gentry and other inhabitants of that land. In the shade of its huge boughs rested such Poland"s kings as Bolesław Chrobry (Boleslaus the Brave), Bolesław Krzywousty (Boleslaus the Wry-Mouthed), Kazimierz III Wielki (Casimir III the Great), Władysław II Jagiełło (Ladislaus II Jagiello), and Jan III Sobieski (John III Sobieski). Another legend says that king Jan III Sobieski deposited his sward, harquebus, and a carboy of good wine in its hollow. Soon bark covered the hollow and Bartek still protects the king"s private belongings.

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    Tourist Information Point in Miedziana Góra
    26-085 Miedziana Góra
    ul. Urzędnicza 8
    Phone:  +48 41 303 11 01

    Regional Center of Tourist Information
    ul. Sienkiewicza 29
    25-007 Kielce
    Phone: +48 41 348 00 60



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