Jewish Heritage in Ożarów

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      Jewish culture
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      Ożarów , ul. Jana Kochanowskiego 2
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      Opatów Region
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    Noclegi "Zacisze"

    • Ożarów, Osiedle Wzgórze 57A
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    Situated in the eastern part of the Świętokrzyskie voivodeship, Ożarów (Opatów county) sits some 15 kilometers west from the Vistula. For a few centuries Jews constituted 2/3 of the Ożarów residents. The first records of their presence date back to 1616. In the 1930s, Jews occupied the central section of the town and busied themselves predominantly with trade and crafts.
    There are few traces of Jewish existence still present in the town of Ożarów today. One of them is the synagogue ruined during WWII. It was used as a cinema for many years after the war. Now it houses a shop. There is a former Jewish cemetery in the outskirts of the town. Due to the project financed by the institution known as the Renovation of Jewish Cemeteries in Poland (PJCRP), it was rearranged and reopened in 2001. Many tombstones bear traditional Jewish symbols such as hands in gesture of blessing, books, lions, and hands with pitchers; tombstones for women were decorated with broken candles or trees, and sometimes with a hand dropping a coin into an elm-box. The cemetery is the only remaining material evidence of the Jewish existence in Ożarów, beginning in the 17th century and ending tragically in 1942. The Ożarów ghetto was filled by Jews from all over Poland, and even from Austria. They were all deported by the Nazis to the Treblinka death camp in the summer of 1942.

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    • Jewish Heritage in Ożarów