Wielopolski-Family Palace in Chroberz

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      Castles and palaces
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      Chroberz , Chroberz 258
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      Pińczów Region
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      +48 663 015 566
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    fot.G. Szczęsny

    The late-Classicist Palace was built by margrave Aleksander Wielopolski in 1850 according to the design by Henryk Marconi on place of former Tarnowski- and Myszkowski-Family manor. It was meant to hold the substantial library of the Entail and the book collection  donated by the margrave"s friend – Konstanty Świedziński.
    The palace is located in a picturesque park gently descending towards the Nida river. What makes the façade characteristic is the middle columned projection topped by the attic which is decorated with statues and crests of Margraves Wielopolski (Starykoń) and Myszkowski (Jastrzębiec) families.
    The interiors conceal former rooms – ball-, hunting-, dining room as well as chapel and spacious library. The guests were hosted in the right side of the palace. The former hunting room (drawing room) has been transformed into Regional Gallery, in which four medallions, i.e. portraits of the following palace owners by Andrzej Pruszyński can be seen. It is this room in which the scene of the Ball in Odolany Palace for the movie “Przedwiośnie” directed by Filip Bajon were shot. The office consisted of two rooms: the margarve Wielopolski"s study and the library. The margrave"s desk and original library bookcase were preserved and can be seen today.
    The palace is surrounded by the English landscape park with numerous trees of historic importance, such as plane tree, few hundred-year-old maiden hair trees, and lindens. A historic chapel modelled after the castle"s pavilions in Książ Wielki designed by Marconi has been preserved as well.
    Nowadays, the palace"s walls host the Cultural Heritage and Agricultural Tradition School Centre which has opened the palace for visitors.

    Practical information:
    The Wielopolski-Family Palace in Chroberz
    ul. Parkowa 14
    28-425 Chroberz
    Phone: +48 41 356 40 03
    Mob: +48 504 088 785

    Opening Hours:
    Wednesday - Thursday 11:00 - 16:00 (wintertime)
    Wednesday - Thursday: 11:00 - 17:00; Friday - Sunday11:00 - 18:00 (summertime)

    Tourist Infromation Point in Chroberz
    ul. Parkowa 14
    28-425 Chroberz
    Phone: +48 41 356 40 03

    Information can be also obtained in Regional Tourist Information Center:
    ul. Sienkiewicza 29
    25-007 Kielce
    Phone: +48 41 348 00 60
    E-mail: informacja@swietokrzyskie.travel


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