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photo Grzegorz Szczęsny

The offer of agrotouristic farms in the Świętokrzyski Region is extremely rich and varied. The farms, located in the most interesting spots of the region, render accommodation services, guarantee delicious regional cuisine and are the source of a number of additional attractions to the arriving agrotourists. The farmers take care of the high standard of rooms and help to organize interesting excursions in the vicinity. Thriving folk culture and the variety of customs and traditions of the villages of Świętokrzyskie shall interest  anybody , who decides to go there for a shorter or longer holiday.

There are many agrotourist farms in the Świętokrzyski Region, but the Agroklub and Agro-Turbo farms are really very well suited for intensive forms of active leisure. For example, the Agroklub offers tours on four wheelers around the Suchedniów-Oblęgorek Landscape Park, paintball games, and air-gun shooting. There is also a fitness center and a sauna. The hosts organize banquets and bonfires, trainings and conferences, as well as integration meetings and incentive events. “If you"re an adventure seeker, come to our place” is their motto.

Agroklub Hospitable Farm
Zbigniew Cisak, Kontrewers 3
26-080 Mniów
Telephones: +48 41 37 38 400, +48 41 37 38 410, +48 601 744 915

Go-carts and quads are at the disposal of all guests of the Agro-Turbo hospitable farm. They have prepared two tracks for enthusiasts of extreme sports (8 meters of level difference): one for children aged over 8 and another one for adults. Other attractions include a mini-golf, air-gun and bow shooting, javelin throwing and specially organized workshops for those who wish to learn artistic joinery.

Agro-Turbo Hospitable Farm

Marzena i Grzegorz Fryziel, Antoniów Mały 47
27-423 Bałtow
Telephones: +48 41 26 00 964, +48 509 145 739

Tokarnia Heritage Park

photo Anna Drzewiecka

The main exhibition of the Museum of Kielce"s Countryside is the Ethnographic Park in Tokarnia, which is located by the E77 route leading from Kielce to Cracow. In the picturesquely located in the Czarna Nida river bend over 70-hectare area, the most treasured vintage buildings from the turn of the 18th and 19th centuries wooden architecture from the territory of the Świętokrzyskie Mountains, the Krakowsko- Częstochowska Upland, Sandomierska Upland and Nidziańska Basin have been gathered. These are e.g. homesteads, small-town buildings, a manor house, farm buildings, country industry monuments and sacred buildings. The most interesting places to visit are: the manor house to Suchedniów dating from 1856, the manor"s granary in Złota built in 1719 and the baroque Church dating from 1761 dedicated to the Madonna of Consolation of Rogów on the Vistula. Interiors of the nineteenth-century cottages and craftman’s workshops, the chemist’s, the small shop and the tailor’s, the exhibition of a village school from the interwar period, the collection of sculptures on the exhibition called"To preserve for posterity". Jan Bernasiewicz –  the creator of the sculpture garden, as well as temporary exhibitions, e.g. Wheat is being ground... Windmills and wind milling on the Land of Kielce... are displayed. The Museum organizes numerous cyclic folk events, such as The Fireman Picnic (in May),  Melting of Lead, The Forest Days and Świętokrzyski Agrotouristic Fair (in June), The Harvest Festival (in August), The Sunday in the Open-air Museum (in September), The Christmas Fair (in December), etc.

Tokarnia Heritage Park
Tokarnia 303
26-060 Tokarnia
Telephone: +48 41 315 41 71

Świętokrzyskie flavours

The Świętokrzyski Region is a paradise for gourmets of regional dishes and healthy and organic food.


Regional fruit, such as the plum from Szydłów, the Damach plum from Ponidzie, the apples from Sandomierz, the cherry from Słupia Nadbrzeżna and the strawberry from Bieliny are becoming more and more famous. Dishes from Korczyn bean which are served e.g. in “Zamek Dersława” in Busko-Zdrój,  geese from Ms Grażyna Korepta agrotouristic farm in Siesławice or the Bodzentyn bread from an old bakery at the Central Marketplace are undoubtedly delicious. While relaxing in the Świętokrzyski Region, one should definitely try the regional potato soup with rye flour, cream and garlic, which is served in local restaurants, whereas a historical dish called “Dzionie”, the main ingredients of which are matzo and pork front of the neck, awaits those tourists who visit Raków. And for a nice ending, “Orzechówka” agrotouristic farm near Bodzentyn offers “Ćmaga Świętokrzyska”, a wine-and-herb drink with medical properties.

The Świętokrzyski Centre of Agricultural Counselling in Modliszewice
Modliszewice, ul. Piotrkowska 30
26-200 Końskie
Telephone: +48 41 372 22 84