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Busko-Zdrój is one of the best Polish health resorts with its rich sources of sulphade, iodide and bromide waters. There you can heal cardiovascular, motor organ, vegetative, dermatological and gynaecological system diseases. The first baths in Busko, now referred to as “Marconi” sanatorium, were established on 1 June 1836, a date considered as the beginning of activity of this spa resort. The baths were designed by Henryk Marconi in the Classicist style and they are surrounded by a historical park. The bases of the spa therapy are sulphade baths and water drinking. The traditional hydrotherapy is supported by the whole range of modern medical equipment and physical therapy treatments, such as, among others, power shower, vacuum, vibrating platform and cold treatment in cryogenic chambers in the temperature below –120oC, which gives tremendous effects. Apart from medical treatment you can also try SPA and Wellness beautifying and rejuvenating treatment, which restores the harmony of spirit and mind. The wide offer of the spa resorts also includes: rejuvenation capsule, massages, baths, Dead Sea mud compresses, spray tanning, relaxation treatment as part of music therapy and salt and iodine cave. And don"t forget  to pack a tuxedo or an evening dress! In the concert hall of “Marconi” sanatorium you can hear music almost every day. Each year significant artistic events are held there, namely the Krustyna Jamroz International Music Festival, the Busko Meetings with Folklore and the Summer with Chopin.

“Uzdrowisko Busko – Zdrój” S.A.
ul. F. Rzewuskiego 1, 28-100 Busko-Zdrój
phone: +4841 370 32 00
e-mail: dyrekcja@uzdrowisko-busko-zdroj.com.pl

“Włókniarz” Spa Resort
ul. Rokosza 1, 28-100 Busko-Zdrój
phone: +4841 378 10 16
e-mail: sekretariat@wlokniarz.pl

21st Military Spa and Rehabilitation Hospital
ul. F. Rzewuskiego 8, 28-100 Busko-Zdrój
phone: +4841 378 03 85
e-mail: rezerwacja@21wszur.pl

Spa “Nida-Zdrój” Sp z o.o.
ul. Rzewuskiego 9, 28-100 Busko-Zdrój
phone: +4841 378 24 91~3
e-mail: biuro@sanatorium-nida.eu



Solec-Zdrój spa resort is attracting more and more patients and tourists owing to its new opportunities of repose and treatment. The fact that Solec-Zdrój waters have high concentration of bivalent sulphur compounds and are highly mineralised, makes them the strongest and one of the best healing waters in Europe. In this spa resort you can heal diseases of motor organs, circumferential and nervous systems, gynaecology, intoxication with heavy metals, as well as rheumatism and traumatic orthopaedics. It is here that a new complex of hotel and sanatorium facilities Malinowy Zdrój –  was established. The sanatorium has one of the strongest uptakes of brine. Here you can choose from a wide offer of rejuvenating, beautifying and wellness treatments such as, among others, pearl baths, rejuvenation capsule, massages, power shower, colour therapy, algae and sea salt therapy as well as numerous treatments improving  face and body skin texture. You can also relax in Finnish, steam and herbal saunas.

Malinowy Zdrój – Solec SPA
ul. Leśna 7, 28-131 Solec Zdrój
phone: +48 41 370 40 00
e-mail:  rezerwacja@malinowyzdroj.pl

Solec-Zdrój Health Resort
ul. 1-go Maja 1
28-131 Solec-Zdrój
phone: +48 41 377 60 17
e-mail:  info@uzdrowiskosolec.p l

Tourist Information Center in Busko-Zdrój
Self-Governmental Culture Center in Busko-Zdrój
al. Mickiewicza 22
28-100 Busko-Zdrój
Telephone: +48 41 370 10 22