Hiking tourism


There is no better way to learn about nature than staying in close touch with it. This is also the way of restoring our vitality, relaxing and recharging batteries. Hiking provides us with all those experiences and even more. Following a tourist trail and visiting historical monuments gives us a feeling of satisfaction and evokes respect; sometimes it becomes an adventure and a good opportunity for integration, especially for school youth. The Świętokrzyski Region offers 1,500 kilometers of hiking trails, available for junior and senior hikers, and all those who love excitement of adventure and exploration. Edmund Massalski trail (Gołoszyce – Kuźniaki, red markings, 105 km) runs through the very heart of Góry Świętokrzyskie (the Holy Cross Mountains). It leads hikers to Mt Święty Krzyż. In the area, one can visit the Natural History Museum, mysterious gołoborza (boulder fields), and the sanctuary with relics of the Holy Cross. Further on, the trail leads tourists to Mt Łysica, the highest peak in the Świętokrzyskie Mountains, and Święta Katarzyna with its Bernardine convent. Equally interesting is the popular among youth Sylwester Kowalczewski trail (20 km) that runs from Chęciny, a small town at the foot of a hill topped by  the ruins of a castle (13th c.), Jaskinia Raj (Paradise Cave) to Mt Karczówka, on which stands the Pallottine monastery and from where enfolds a panoramic view over the city of Kielce. Other mountain trails with color markings include blue trails (Chęciny-Łagów, Wał Małacentowski – St Nicolas chapel, Jedlnica – Tarczyce ). green trails (Starachowice – Łączna, Łagów – Nowa Słupia), yellow trails (Wierna Rzeka – Chęciny, Barcza – Bukowa Góra), and black trails (Nowa Słupia – Szczytniak, Kielce – Pierścienica, Piekoszów – Zgórskie Góry, Oblęgorek – Barania Góra). A scenic region known as Ponidzie is located in the Nida River valley, in the southern part of the voivodship. It is often called a Świętokrzyski steppe and adds to the diversity of the regional landscape. This area is criss-crossed by some of the lowland trails. “The Trail of Sacral Wooden Architecture along the Maskalis Stream features St Leonard’s Church in Busko-Zdrój and St Stanislas’ Church in Chotelek. The blue trail leads from Pińczów, known as Sarmatian Athens, Poland’s major Reformation center, to Wiślica that witnessed the activities of Europe’s patrons, SS Cyril and Methodius. There are also green (Grochowiska – Wiślica) and yellow (Szydłów – Widełki) trails, not to mention the red one which joins such attractive localities as Ujazd, Klimontów, Koprzywnica and Sandomierz. Hiking trips along the Świętokrzyski Region’s trails are organized by the local branches of PTTK (Polish Tourists Association) and ZHP (Polish Scouts’ Association) and include the Spring Juvenile Trip (May, PTTK in Kielce), ‘Nad Kamienną’ National Trip (May, PTTK in Skarżysko Kmienna), Świętokrzyski Scouts’ Trip (June, ZHP in Kielce), National Hiking Marathon (June, PTTK in Końskie), National Autumnal Trip around the Old Polish Industrial Center (October, PTTK in Starachowice), and many others.

Regional Tourism Organization of the Świętokrzyskie Voivodship
ul. ks. Piotra Ściegiennego 2/32, 25-033 Kielce
phone: +48 41 36 18 057

Świętokrzyski PTTK Branch
Tourist Information

ul. H. Sienkiewicza 29, 25-007 Kielce
phone: +48 41 34 47 743

PTTK Branch in Końskie
ul. Partyzantów 1, 26-200 Końskie
phone: +48 41 37 23 170

PTTK Branch in Starachowice
ul.Tadeusza Krywki 1, 27-200 Starachowice
phone: +48 41 27 46 268

PTTK Branch in Skarżysko-Kamienna
ul. Słowackiego 25, 26-110 Skarżysko-Kamienna
phone: +48 41 25 31 542

ZHP Troop Headquarters in Kielce
ul. Sienkiewicza 25, 25-007 Kielce
phone: +48 41 34 45 488, +48 41 34 46 555