A Geological Paradise

A Geological Paradise
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Nature reserves
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photo Grzegorz Szczęsny

Kielce is considered as a city of outstanding geological qualities with its four geological reserves located in the city’s area. The most famous of them is Kadzielnia reserve established in lieu of the former quarry. Numerous fossils of corals, cephalopods, a world-unique armoured fish and brachiopods are protected there. Moreover, you can also see there interesting examples of various tectonic, mineral and karstic phenomena, and, among them, 26 caves. This remarkable place can also boast of its amphitheatre picturesquely located among rocks. “Ślichowice” geological reserve, which was established for the purposes of preservation of a rock pit, represents an interesting example of Hercynian tectonic influence exerted on the Świętokrzyskie Mountains and visible in the form of typical and strongly undulating lime rocks. You can see there an interesting geological profile with its reversed fold of rock. In Wietrznia reserve found in the eastern edge of the Kaledziańskie Range you can see Upper Devonian limestone with banks of variable thickness containing the remains of fauna of brachiopods, corals, snails, bivalves, trylobites, lilies and armoured fish. Biesak-Białogon, a reserve surrounded by forest and the smallest of the reserves found in the city of Kielce, is also worth seeing owing to its protected Ordovician and Cambrian outcrops reflecting a lot of interesting tectonic phenomena.

The Kielce Geopark
ul. Strycharska 6
25-361 Kielce
Phone +48 41 367 66 54

Information can be obtained in The Regional Center of Tourist Information
ul. Sienkiewicza 29
25-077 Kielce
Phone: +48 41 348 00 60
E-mail: informacja@swietokrzyskie.travel


Practical Information

  • Stadion


    ul. Ściegiennego 8

    Tel. +48 41 368 77 15

    Room from: 120 PLN

    The hotel is located in a peaceful and quiet area of the Forest Stadium which is called by Kielce inhabitants "the green lungs of Kielce."

  • Maraton


    ul. Leszka Drogosza 1

    Tel. +48 41 362 91 16

    Room from: 50 PLN

    The hotel is located in a peaceful and quiet area of the Forest Stadium which is called by Kielce inhabitants "the green lungs of Kielce.

  • Kwatera prywatna
    Kwatera prywatna


    ul. Mariacka 2

    Tel. +48 15 832 33 72

    Room from: 35 PLN

  • Rooms in Palace of Tomasz Zieliński
    Rooms in Palace of Tomasz Zieliński


    ul. Zamkowa 5

    Tel. +48 41 368 20 54

    Room from: 60 PLN

    Tomasz Zieliński Palace is located in the cinty centre, near to the 17th century Bishop"s Palace. It was built by famous collector Tomasz Zieliński at the end of 19th century.

  • Citi Hotel
    Citi Hotel


    ul. Paderewskiego 4c/2

    Tel. +48 41 343 51 51

    Room from: 90 PLN

    The hotel is located approximately 150 m from the main pedestrian street of the city (Sienkiewicza Street) and about 400 m from the bus and railway station.

  • Willa Hueta
    Willa Hueta


    ul. Słowackiego 25

    Tel. +48 41 241 28 88

    Room from: 200 PLN

    Hotel and Restaurant Huet’s Villa in Kielce is the only building located in the historic Neo-Renaissance structure from 1908, which was completely restored to its former glory, thus becoming one of the most beautiful in our city.

  • Hotel 365 ***
    Hotel 365 ***


    al. Na Stadion 365

    Tel. +48 41 361 55 35

    Room from: 190 PLN

    Hotel 365 *** offers accommodation in 25 comfortable, air-conditioned rooms with Internet access and catering in the restaurant "Siedem Pokus".

  • Leśny Dwór
    Leśny Dwór


    ul. Szczepaniaka 40

    Tel. +48 41 362 10 88

    Room from: 160 PLN

    The hotel is located in a peaceful and quiet area of the Forest Stadium which is called by Kielce inhabitants "the green lungs of Kielce."

  • Accomodation in National Museum
    Accomodation in National Museum


    pl. Zamkowy 1

    Tel. +48 41 344 40 14 wew. 203

    Room from: 75 PLN

    Guest room in the National Museum is a great opportunity for all who appreciate original solutions.



    ul. Szczepaniaka 42

    Tel. +48 41 301 12 11