Biesak - Białogon Reserve

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      Nature reserves
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      Powiat Grodzki kielecki
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      Kielce Region
  • Description

    Located on the south-western outskirts of Kielce, in the Dymiński Range, on the slopes of Kamienna Góra, it bears the local name of "Kamionka". The reserve can be reached by the extension of Na Ługach Street in the Białogon district. While visiting the Biesak - Białogon Reserve, you can get to know the oldest rocks that in consequence of exploitation were exposed in all of Chęcińsko-Kielecki Landscape Park and our Archeogeological Trail. Here you can see conglomerates, quartzite sandstones, siltstones and clay shales.

    The rocks exposed in the upper part of the walls and in the ravine in the northern part of the quarry belong to the Lower Cambrian (about 510-520 million years old). Almost identical rocks in the southern and eastern parts of the quarry were formed in the Ordovician period (265-480 million years ago) In the northern wall, during the orogenetic movements,the Cambrian rocks were moved over the Ordovician ones. An interesting fact is the presence of bentonite here - a sediment formed as a result of weathering volcanic ash particles in the sea environment, in Ordovician. Its layer of around 10 centimeters wide lays in the northern wall of the quarry, just above the water surface, which flooded the lowest mining level. The rock walls and the lofty spruces and pines growing above, reflected in the water below create a very charming and mysterious atmosphere. 


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