Alive Museum of Porcelain in Ćmielów

The small town of Ćmielów in the powiat of Ostrowiec is famous for the best quality porcelain produced there. Galleries in New York, Chicago, Paris, London, Berlin, Moscow and in other European capitals are proud owners of porcelain masterworks from Ćmielów, which in the 1960’s were a huge world success.

  • Ćmielów, ul. Sandomierska 243
  • +48 15 861 20 21
Art Exhibitions Office in Kielce

Art Exhibitions Office in Kielce exhibition runs regular activity in our galleries and in cooperation with other galleries and institutions in the country. ffice realizes foreign art exhibitions in Kielce and Kielce artists abroad, as well as, promotes work of local artists, the most interesting artistic environment at home and abroad.

  • Kielce, Kapitulna 2
  • +48 41 344 63 19
Bartek the Oak

The oak “Bartek” which, according to various sources, is as old as 700 to 1000 years, belongs to the most famous and most widely admired monuments of nature in Poland.

  • Zagnańsk, Turystyczna 115
  • +48 41 300 13 22
Biesak - Białogon Reserve

Located on the south-western outskirts of Kielce, in the Dymiński Range, on the slopes of Kamienna Góra, it bears the local name of "Kamionka". While visiting the Biesak - Białogon Reserve, you can get to know the oldest rocks that in consequence of exploitation were exposed in all of Chęcińsko-Kielecki Landscape Park and our Archeogeological Trail.

  • Kielce
  • + 48 41 367 66 54
Cathedral in Kielce

In 1171 the Bishop Gedeon founded a collegiate church under the invocation of the Ascension located on Wzgórze Zamkowe. It was a Romanesque-style temple.

  • Kielce, pl. Marii Panny 3
  • 048 41 344 63 07
Cathedral in Sandomierz

The first church was erected here in approximately 1120, but the first recorded mention of the later basilica is found in the papal bulla issued by Eugene III in 1148. The church suffered damages in the 13th century, during frequent foreign invasions.

  • Sandomierz, ul. Mariacka 10
  • +48 15 832 73 43
Caves in Kadzielnia Reserve

Kadzielnia is a widely recognized landmark in Kielce. It is a hill 295 m high located in the south part of the city. On the slopes of the hill there once grew plants used for making incense which gave the hill its name.

  • Kielce, Kadzielnia
  • +48 41 242 14 96
Chapel of St. Anna in Pińczów

It is a place that mesmerizes people every season of the year with a symphony of colours of the surrounding nature. It’s perfect for a walk, picnic and relaxation in the shadows of the trees. If you want to entertain yourself with the view of Pińczów and Nida valley, you should definitely go for a walk on the St. Anna Mountain.

  • Pińczów, Marszałka Józefa Piłsudskiego 20
  • +48 41 357 54 04
Cistercian Monastery in Jędrzejów

The monastery was founded by the Wrocław bishop Janik Jaksa and his brother Klemens in 1140. It was raised near the Biała Nida river-head as the 21st branch of Morimond Abbey (France) and received the name of Morimondus Minor.

  • Jędrzejów, ul. Kalsztorna 10
  • +48 41 386 23 08
Cistercian Monastery in Koprzywnica

Koprzywnica is located in the Koprzywianka River valley and not far from the city of Sandomierz. Its fame is due to the former residence of the Cistercian order. Both the church and remains of the monastery constitute a stop-over on the European Cistercian Trail.

  • Koprzywnica, ul. Krakowska 76
  • +48 15 847 62 02