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Hiking in Świętokrzyskie

Through the Świętokrzyski National Park

Choose among routes of varying difficulty: for families with children and for adults. For the most part, these are loop tours that start in places you can reach by public transport, rail or find convenient parking.

Pieszo przez świętokrzyskie szlaki, Fot. Krzysztof Pęczalski

To Łysica

A forested, strenuous section to the summit of the queen of the Świętokrzyskie Mountains. We start in Święta Katarzyna on the red trail. Pass the Bernardine Monastery and head to the gate of the Świętokrzyski National Park. Along the route you will see numerous monuments and national memorials.

Stop at the clique before reaching the St Francis spring and chapel. A moment's rest as you face the strenuous ascent to Łysica. Along the way, there are wooden bridges that finish in the pre-peak section. Watch out for protruding stones and roots, which are becoming more numerous.

Take a photo at the summit. The trail continues to the St Nicholas Pass and here you have two options: either you can try the dumplings at the Kak Cottage in Kakonin (a few kilometres south following the signs) or you can follow the plan along the St Nicholas Pass nature trail up to the narrow-gauge railway track, which will lead you to Święta Katarzyna. You can choose this option from April to October!

Łysica Mountain
To Łysica Mountain
St Francis Chapel in Świętokrzyski National Park

To Łysa Góra

The trip starts at the car park in the centre of Nowa Słupia (or at the car park at the foot of the Świętokrzyski National Park, saving you 1 km of walking on asphalt). Take the blue trail. The fragment which will take you to the top of Łysa Góra is called the "Royal Road". You will be accompanied by the wood-curved Stations of the Cross all the way to the top.

If you feel tired, there are benches and rest areas along the way. The most difficult moment is the steep ascent to the plateau just before the summit. When you stand in the vast clearing, you will see the destination of your hike, the Sanctuary of the Holy Cross. After sightseeing, head to the viewing platform on the stone run, and then either along the forest didactic path to Huta Szklana, from where you can easily follow the didactic path "to the Hucka Pass", which will lead you to the narrow-gauge railway track. From there, you can move on to Nowa Słupia (Section from Hucka Patch to narrow-gauge railway track you can choose this option from April to October!

Świętokrzyski Park Narodowy, a w szczególności Łysa Góra jest częstym celem wędrówek o każdej porze roku., Fot. S. Rakowski
Łysa Góra - Święty Krzyż, Fot. Sławek Rakowski
Łysa Góra (Święty Krzyż), Fot. Sławek Rakowski

In the Shadow of the Chęciny Castle

One castle, two caves and hidden mines.... A route full of secrets hidden by medieval miners, marble shards and Świętokrzyskie legends. If you are ready for a Świętokrzyskie mish-mash of nature and history, this offer is just right for you!

Widok z Zamku Królewskiego w Chęcinach, Fot. G. Pierzak

You will start your walk at the Lower Square in Chęciny. Follow the red and blue trail signs. You will pass the medieval Franciscan monastery and later the modern sports and entertainment hall. Ahead of you is the tarmac section to road 765. Cross the pedestrian crossing. After a while the trails will separate. Choose the blue trail.

It is now worth turning around and looking at the ruins of the royal castle towering over Chęciny. Impressive, isn't it? The route is somewhat sandy, but the ground will change once you enter the forest. For your first longer stop, choose the Hell Cave. Light coming through a rock window and two approx. 4 m high chimneys allow visitors to explore the cave without torches. Next to the cave are funnel-shaped depressions in which open mine shafts several metres deep were created. The devilish infrastructure around the cave draws attention.

Zelejowa Mountain, Fot. POWIAT KIELCE

Ahead of you is an approx. 2.5 km hike through the forest, from which you will emerge just off the S7 road. But don't worry, there is a walkway running just below the road, along the river Bobrzyczka. Note the mountains on the right - Okrąglica and Miejska. The blue trail will take you close to Paradise Cave. Be careful here! The colour of the trail changes - take the red trail towards Chęciny. It will lead you through the forest (be careful, it can be wet!) up to Czerwona Góra. Cross the road leading to the hospital and then onto a short woodland stretch.

Ahead of you is a long tarmac section (about 1.5 km). You will be rewarded with a view of Chęciny Castle. And in front of you is a footbridge over the S7 and one of the most interesting parts of the route - crossing the ridge of the Zelejowa mountain, where the most precious "Kielce marble" called różanka was mined. The ridge section is a rocky ridge, which you will climb more than once. Rest on a bench at the end of the ridge. Then follow the red trail downhill. Watch out for blackthorn trees.

You will emerge directly at the familiar crossroads of the red and blue trails. It's time to return to Chęciny for a delicious lunch :)

Raj Cave

From valley to the mountain

Take a breath of fresh air in the Glass House area. Ahead of you is a short but very scenic walk through the Żeromski area. Do you recall the idyllic descriptions of nature and landscapes from Żeromski's works? After this tour, you will have no doubt that he drew inspiration from the area around Radostowa - his home mountain.

The tour starts at the car park below the "Glass House" Education and Culture Centre in Ciekoty. Follow the blue trail signs along the asphalt towards Radostowa Mountain. After more than 1 km you will reach the Lubrzanka Dalles. It is pleasant and slightly cooler by the river - the Lubrzanka dalles is known for its cooler temperatures than in other areas.

You'll certainly warm up during the climb to Radostowa - half an hour of a fairly strenuous ascent. Take a rest at the shed and continue down the long drop heading to Wymyśona Mountain. Here, on the rocks of Cambrian quartzite sandstone, you can take another short pause. From the top, there is a view of the Wilkowska Valley and the Klonowskie Range. Look at the highest peak of the Świętokrzyskie Mountains - Łysica - and turn back. You will return to Ciekoty following the yellow walking path.

"Glass House" under Radostowa Mountain, Fot. Sławek Rakowski
Świętokrzyskie Mountains, Fot. Sławek Rakowski

Hiking in Świętokrzyskie


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