Widok z lotu ptaka na kajakarzy na Nidzie.

Kayaking through the Świętokrzyskie

Świętokrzyskie will satisfy your every kayaking whim. See where to go and how to organise a kayaking trip of your dreams in the Świętokrzyskie region.

Nida river

Let's start with the most obvious choice for kayaking: the Nida river. It is more than 151 kilometres long. It flows mainly through the captivating Ponidzie region, which shows a different face with every kilometre. In some places even and regulated, in another sections more wild.

It is safe and welcoming everywhere. During the trip, you will see picturesque, park-like meadows, fields and forests that look completely different from the perspective of a kayak.

Nida River
  • The Nida is a typical lowland river - it rolls its waters lazily towards the Vistula; it often meanders making your kayaking trip even more enjoyable.
  • The depth of the Nida rarely exceeds 1 metre, so the water heats up quickly (on hot days its temperature reaches up to 26 degrees Celsius); kayaking in such circumstances is pure pleasure!
  • There are no major obstacles on the trail, and the small riffles encountered, the few rapids or places where you have to carry the kayak can be overcome without too much difficulty, even with kids on board.
  • Along the way, you will find many charming spots that invite you to get out of your kayak.
Nida River

The Nida is formed from the merger of two Świętokrzyskie rivers - the Czarna and the Biała Nida. Although both tributaries are ideal for kayaking, Biała Nida is usually considered to be the beginning of the Nida kayaking trail. The entire trail is approximately 120 kilometres long. It is perfect for a weekend, a few days or even a week's kayaking trip combined with outdoor camping: tents, a campfire and, if you take it with you, also a guitar. 

Nida River
  • for a long active weekend as a duo or a group of friends - even if you have never been kayaking before, you will certainly manage on the Nida;
  • for a joint trip of several generations - grandparents and children can easily tackle the Nida River; remember, however, that a life jacket is always a good idea and the youngest must always be accompanied by an adult;
  • for a corporate integration trip ending with a premium campfire with catering.

Kayaking through the Świętokrzyskie


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