Tężnia w Busku-Zdroju

Busko-Zdrój: natural beauty

There is a good chance that you will enjoy great weather during your stay in Busko-Zdrój. Indeed, with a score of 1,600 hours of sunshine a year, the town can boast the status of Poland's warmest and sunniest spa.


The Busko sunshine has a positive effect not only on people, but also on nature. Busko-Zdrój is surrounded by nature reserves and landscape parks, which protect vegetation that is unparalleled anywhere else in Poland - as you might guess - that of the thermophilous type.

Rare species of grasses waving in the open spaces and the spring pheasant's eye create a gentle atmosphere in Ponidzie - a land whose main axis is marked by the Nida River. This warm, meandering, lazy river is best admired from the perspective of a canoe during a peaceful trip with family or friends.

Nature's greatest treasure, which has been used for centuries in the service of health and beauty, is the healing sulphurous waters, brine and peat. Their effect on our health and beauty is almost magical. But rest assured - the effects of the waters of Busko have been scientifically confirmed many times and have been used in medical and rehabilitation treatments for many years.

Sanatorium Marconi

What is worth knowing about Busko sulphurous water?

  • in addition to sulphides, it also contains the power of micronutrients, including iodine, bromine and fluorine
  • it is a weapon in the fight against inflammation or rheumatism; it detoxifies, activates biochemical processes and reduces the signs of ageing
  • you can use the superpowers of sulphurous water for baths, drinking cures, inhalations and rinses in sanatoriums and luxury hotels; you can also take it home in the form of spa cosmetics

Brine Graduation Tower

How do you find a moment of peace and quiet in the daily hustle and bustle? A place where your health, relaxation and well-being are put first is the modern Busko-Zdrój Graduation Tower complex.

What is a brine graduation tower?

To put it simply, a graduation tower is a structure used for inhaling air saturated with iodine and other beneficial elements. The graduation tower located in central Poland has a truly coastal climate.

The whole secret of the graduation tower lies in the use of natural materials. Its walls are filled with dense blackthorn and the brine flowing down it creates a therapeutic mist. The iodine-saturated aerosol has remarkable therapeutic properties.

What does a brine graduation tower help with?

A visit to the graduation tower is a good idea if:

  • you suffer from allergies and frequent respiratory infections, your immune system is compromised
  • you suffer from various skin diseases
  • your joints hurt
  • you want to supplement iodine in your body and are struggling with hypothyroidism
  • you are simply looking for a place to rest and relax
  • Most people can freely use the graduation tower. If you have any doubts whether inhalation will benefit your body, consult your doctor before you arrive.

Busko-Zdrój: relaxation with history in the background

It is said that the power of the local waters was used already in the Middle Ages, but the history of the spa itself dates back to about 200 years ago. In the 19th century, a Napoleonic general, Feliks Rzewuski, leased Busko and created the beginnings of the current spa.

Today, you can experience the town's rich spa history by strolling through the atmospheric alleyways of the spa park. The backdrop to your relaxation will be the rustle of trees, the discreet sounds of live music and the 19th-century Baths building, which resembles an ancient temple with its classical, harmonious façade.

Today, the popular Marconi hosts the patients of Busko-Zdrój Spa. Make yourself comfortable and indulge in a spa treatment based on the Busko water.

Major attractions: Busko-Zdrój. What to see in Busko-Zdrój?

  • the spa park with the Marconi building
  • the new park and Spa House
  • the Busko graduation tower
  • the Avenue of Stars of the Krystyna Janroz International Festival
  • St Leonard's wooden church
  • the "Cold Waters" natural monument
  • Mickiewicz Avenue - a representative promenade
Graduation Tower in Busko-Zdrój
Graduation Tower in Busko-Zdrój
Graduation Tower in Busko-Zdrój
Graduation Tower in Busko-Zdrój
Graduation Tower in Busko-Zdrój

The Busko Graduation Tower: traditional methods in an impressive way

The heart of the #tężniabusko complex is, of course, the brine graduation tower. The design is stunning in every respect. The sheer size of the facility is impressive. Visible from afar, the outer circle of the graduation tower is more than 70 metres in diameter, more than twice the size of Kraków's barbican.

The walls of the facility are 10 metres high. That's enough for the therapeutic aerosol to surround you from all sides and to admire the panorama of Busko-Zdrój from the viewing terrace on the crown of the graduation tower.

Inside, you'll relax in a courtyard with a mist fountain. You will get there through maze-like passages that separate two blackthorn-filled rings.

More than a graduation tower

At the #TężniaBusko complex, in addition to the new Spa House, you will find everything you need to feel fully relaxed amidst the studied, modern architecture of the Spa House.

Here, even on rainy days or in the winter, you will benefit from a mini-graduation tower under the roof. Sipping a cup of aromatic coffee, you can plan your stay in Busko-Zdrój and the Ponidzie region.

If you feel like exploring the area by bike, you can rent a bike from the spa house.

An evening walk to the graduation tower is a good idea. After dark, the facility is decorated impressive illuminations. During the spring and summer months, you can also look forward to a spectacle full of light and sound performed by a multimedia fountain.

In the winter, when most health spas take a break, the graduation tower courtyard turns into a charming ice rink. Chances are, you'll taste regional delicacies at the Christmas market during your winter stay in Busko-Zdrój.


A graduation tower full of culture

The graduation tower courtyard is transformed into an open-air stage during the season. You may hear your favourite pieces of classical or pop music performed by the musicians of the Busko-Zdrój Orchestra while taking a walk in the graduation tower. Justyna Steczkowska and Krzysztof Ochman, who represented Poland at the Eurovision festival, have already performed here.



Concert in Graduation Tower

The Busko Graduation Tower with children

You are probably wondering whether a trip to the spa town of Busko-Zdrój with your child is a good idea. We think it is.

Little tourists can go on a sea adventure using their imagination. All this thanks to a modern playground in the form of a huge ship. You can run, slide and climb as much as you want - all thanks to the safe, sandy ground.

Do you like spending time actively? Great! You can enrich your visit to the graduation tower with a bicycle tour in the Winiarski Forest. This is a safe route, most of it leading along bicycle paths separated from car traffic.

Ponidzie is also an ideal place to organise family canoeing trips on the gentle Nida River.

Any time is a good time to visit the Busko graduation tower. The price list and opening hours can be found on the website of Tężnia Busko.

Ship Playground in Busko-Zdrój

Busko-Zdrój: have a healthy rest

A holiday in Busko is more than just an overnight stay. Take a walk to the new spa house, whose biggest attraction is one of the largest brine graduation towers in Poland.

In the studied interiors of spas, hotels and guest houses, you can indulge in relaxing treatments that combine spa traditions with state-of-the-art technology.

Do you want to get back in shape? Take advantage of the therapeutic stays offered by one of the sanatorium facilities, hospitals or villas belonging to Busko-Zdrój Spa. The experts working there will help you choose the right treatment from almost 90 spa and therapeutic treatments.



Sanatorium Włókniarz

At the Włókniarz spa, your allies in caring for your health are the various baths, including the "Queen's Sulphide Bath" in a special barrel using water from the spa's own intake.

The boutique Bristol Art & Medical Spa is a place where art intertwines with therapy and therapy with art. Make yourself comfortable in a luxurious room, enjoy the services of the Medical & SPA Centre. Breathe in the crystal-clear, ionised air and take a dip in the nano-silver-purified pool.

Hotel Słoneczny Zdrój Medical SPA & Wellness has extensive medical, rehabilitation and wellness facilities. Your stay will be complemented by a feast at the critically acclaimed "Ponidzie" restaurant.

At the Dormed Medical SPA health and beauty clinic, you will take care of your body and, above all, your feet. If you are struggling with podiatric problems - whether of an aesthetic or medical nature - take a moment to take care of the beautiful and healthy foundation of your body.

Słoneczny Zdrój
Bristol Busko
Włókniarz Health Resort

Busko-Zdrój: natural beauty


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