Diocesan Museum in Kielce

The most beautiful and historic sacred-art works from the Diocese of Kielce can be seen in the ex-curia building which now hosts the Diocesan Museum.

  • Kielce, ul. Jana Pawła II 3
  • +48 41 344 58 20
Education – Museum Centre “Świętokrzyski Shtetl”

Located at the crossing of the Staszów – Jędrzejów and Kielce – Tarnów roads, Chmielnik has a synagogue and two Jewish cemeteries: they testify to the wealth and importance of the former Jewish community of Chmielnik.

  • Chmielnik
  • +48 41 354 24 12 (w. 106, 107)
Educational Centre "Glass House" - Stefan Żeromski Manor House in Ciekoty

This is a special place on the Polish map connected with Stefan Żeromski, famous Polish writer. The spatial arrangement of Żeromszczyzna (this name of this place works for years) has a symbolic character. Here are affixed two objects: a replica of an old mansion (the memory of the writer, his longing for the land and family home) and a new building.

  • Ciekoty
  • +48 41 241 38 77
Energy Science Centre

The exhibition tells a story about energy and consists of 28 interactive stations designed for individual experimentation. Here you will find a powerful, weighing more than 750 kg wheel-and-axle.

  • Kielce, KPT (budynek SKYE INC) 2 piętro, ul. Olszewskiego 6
  • +48 41 278 72 50
Floristic Reserve “Przęślin”

Floristic Reserve “Przęślin” with an area of 0.72 ha was established in 1960. This protected site is located approx. 300 m east of the church of St. Bartłomiej, located in Chotel Czerwony.

  • Chotel Czerwony
  • 41 3690 900
Former Bishops Palace in Kielce

The seat of the National Museum in Kielce is a palace, which once belonged to Cracow Bishops. The Cracow Bishops’ palace was founded by Jakub Zadzik in the years 1637–1641.

  • Kielce, ul. Zamkowa 1
  • +48 41 344 23 18
Former Cracow Bishops’ Palace in Kielce

The palace belonged to the Cracovian bishops who owned large estates in the Świętokrzyski region. The residence founded by bishop Jakub Zadzik (1582-1642) was erected on the Cathedral Hill. It is considered to be the best-preserved architectural construction in Poland from the Vasa dynasty times.

  • Kielce, pl. Zamkowy 1
  • +48 41 344 23 18
Gagaty Sołtykowskie Nature Reserve

The reserve is located on the territory of the St ęporków commune. Established in 1997, its main purpose was to protect the outcrops of lower Jurassic rocks containing important minerals, fossils and various forms of ironstone.

    Gallery of Contemporary Sacred Art "Dom Praczki" in Kielce

    The collection of the gallery includes works of Polish artists: Tadeusz Kantor, Wladyslaw Hasior, Jerzy Nowosielski, Jerzy Beres and Adam Heron. One can see sculptures, paintings, installations and photographs. Besides the permanent exhibition, "Dom Praczki" organizes contemporary exhibitions.

    • Kielce, ul. Zamkowa 5/7
    • +48 41 360 00 02
    Golden Forest Hermitage in Rytwiany

    In 1624 in the vicinity of Rytwiany town Golden Forest Hermitage was built for the Camaldolese order of Monte Corona congregation. At the time the Annunciation Church, monastic buildings, outbuildings and eremitorium, a complex of hermit houses came into existence.

    • Rytwiany
    • 41 344 77 43