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An open-air geological paradise, a city with four geological reserves, an old town with one of the longest promenades in Poland, a city of the most delicious mayonnaise and... much more. Come, see, relax and get to know Kielce! 


Rezerwat Kadzielnia w Kielcach, Fot. Dawid Łukasik

If you think a walk in Kadzielnia is not enough, book a visit to the Geoeducation Centre in Wietrznia. Here, at the most extensive reserve in Kielce, you will find out that geology is not difficult! In the multimedia centre, you can embark on a journey to the past in the 5D cinema and learn about geological curiosities at the interactive Chronos Station.

Zip line Kadzielnia

A place on the UNESCO list of geoparks obliges. In Kielce you will see old mines and quarries cleverly turned into beautiful reserves ideal for walks, picnics or sporting activities.

The most beautiful of these is Kadzielnia, connected to the centre of Kielce by the Avenue of Fame. At Kadzielnia you will not only stroll among rocks from 370 million years ago, but also visit caves and enjoy the views from vantage points. If you're brave, go on a zipline! Do you like exploring the geological treasures of Kielce in this way?

Zip line Kadzielnia

After such excitement, a lazy stroll through Kielce's old town seems like a good idea. Relax in one of the cosy restaurants or cafés on Sienkiewicza Street or the market square. The popular "Sienkiewka" is one of the most beautiful promenades in Poland. Every year at the Festival of Kielce (the last week of June) you will find plenty of stalls selling trinkets, sweets and regional products.

Ulica Sienkiewicza w Kielcach, Fot. Biuro Prasowe UM Kielce
Kielce - ulica Sienkiewicza

The most historic part of Kielce is Castle Hill with the towering former Palace of the Bishops of Krakow and the Cathedral Basilica. See the palace interiors and the Gallery of Polish Painting and European Decorative Arts - one of the largest galleries presenting works by Polish painters of the 19th and 20th centuries. Go for a walk in the city park along historic Zamkowa Street, once a private street of the bishops of Kraków. Today, you can enjoy coffee in the former granary from the 18th century, and listen to concerts in the Zieliński Palace on the site of the former bishop's coach house, or relax in the garden enjoying a meal from the palace restaurant.

Castle Hill
Castle Hill in Kielce

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