Integracje w Świętokrzyskiem

Integration trips in the Świętokrzyskie region

Integration in Sandomierz climate

Leave the group in the hands of experts in Sandomierz history and Sandomierz flavours. You will start your journey with a destination that will prepare you for the Sandomierz experience. First you will go to the charmingly situated Sandomierz Vineyard, where you can taste delicious local wine and cheese.
The vineyard hosts will captivate you with their love for this place, which is their home and workplace at the same time. Once you have relaxed, you will visit the major attractions of Sandomierz: the Underground Tourist Route, the Market Square, the Opatowska Gate... And in the evening... You will grab torches and discover the city by night during an unforgettable walk along Queen Hedwig's Gorge and Sandomierz's backstreets.


tel. 692 139 416
tel. 882 507 020

Sandomierz at night

Sandomierz game

Your group can explore Sandomierz the classic way: with a guide, walking from attraction to attraction. Along the way, you will see the greatest attractions of the royal city: the Underground Tourist Route, the Market Square, the World of Father Matthew... But if you want to really integrate, turn the group participants into detectives and purchase the Sandomierz Criminal Mysteries package.
A sightseeing tour in the form of an engaging city game where participants are divided into teams. Each appoints a captain and is given a set of tasks to perform. By completing successive tasks, the teams learn about the history and monuments of the city. Along the route, they will meet instructors who will provide further clues. The plot of the game is based on criminal threads. Such a game encourages cooperation, engages and builds an atmosphere of healthy competition.

tel. 692 139 416
tel. 882 507 020


Royal castle at your service

If you want to rent a special place for a team-building meeting, book... the medieval castle ruins in Chęciny. 
For 2 hours the castle will be exclusive to your group. The amazing views and the magical atmosphere of the place will make a guided tour of the castle an unforgettable attraction.

When booking, ask about the additional attractions at the castle.

Biuro Zamku Królewskiego w Chęcinach
tel. 41 308 00 48

Royal Castle in Chęciny

On a folk note in Museum of Kielce Village

On a folk note - an event at the Ethnographic Park in Tokarnia in the vicinity of the historic village: 19th and 20th century wooden monuments.
Among the old cottages and greenery you can organise a team-building event, feast, bonfire for companies, organised groups. A granary from Rogów, a canopied fire circle and a manege for 120 people will be available for your group. In addition, the park staff will provide professional catering,

musical accompaniment - a folk band, a band or a ringleader - and a selected museum lesson combined with workshops: old-time games, pottery, ritual arts.

Museum of Kielce Village

Wine and cheese

A trip along the Sandomierz Wine Route is a great opportunity to take a break from the hustle and bustle of the city amidst fabulous landscapes and taste high-quality regional products.

On the trail, you and your group can visit vineyards located in the immediate vicinity of Sandomierz. Each vineyard has its own history and thus creates a unique atmosphere. Taste the aromatic wines made from grapes growing in the fertile Sandomierz land and the cheeses from Sandomierz cheese dairies.

Sandomierz Wine Trail

Integration trips in the Świętokrzyskie region


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