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Are you getting tired of the constant rush? Is your body demanding regeneration? Or do you feel the need to take a break from your daily routine? Help is at hand from the Świętokrzyskie spa and health resorts.

5* Odyssey Wellness & SPA Kielce

5* Odyssey Wellness & SPA Kielce

Walks in fir and beech forests combined with health treatments are a proposal for regeneration in the Świętokrzyskie Mountains. The most demanding guests can visit the only five-star hotel in the region - the Odyssey ClubHotel Wellness & SPA on the slope of the wooded Domaniówka mountain. The hotel is intimate, renowned for its exquisite cuisine and sensational spa facilities that will pamper the most demanding guests. The hotel and its cuisine are the favourites of Magda Gessler, who stays at the Odyssey Hotel during her visits to the Świętokrzyskie region. 

5* Odyssey ClubHotel Wellness & SPA, Fot. Archiwum ROTWŚ
Hotel Odyssey***** Wellness & SPA, Fot. Archiwum Hotelu Odyssey***** Wellness & SPA
Hotel Odyssey***** Wellness & SPA, Fot. Archiwum Hotelu Odyssey

Tropical pools at the Binkowski Resort in Kielce

Did you know that the Świętokrzyskie Mountains have a tropical climate all year round? All you need to do is visit the Świętokrzyskie region and, more specifically, the Tropical pools at the Binkowski Resort in Kielce. This is a place where the water and air are always over 30 degrees Celsius. You can enjoy several pools (including one with salt water), slides or a water playground, as well as a sauna area and spa facilities. 

Baseny Tropikalne Binkowski Resort, Fot. Archiwum ROTWŚ
Baseny Tropikalne Binkowski Resort, Fot. Archiwum ROTWŚ

Siedlisko Carownica Wellness & SPA

Siedlisko Carownica Wellness & SPA in Lechów offers accommodation in comfortable wooden cottages. You will find a wood-fired Russian banya, a salt hut with 3 tons of Himalayan salt, a hot barrel where you will relax and unwind, enjoying the view of the fields and forests and savouring the sounds of nature. At the Siedlisko Carownica in Lechów children can also enjoy a spa stay - a hydromassage on a dry bed or an aromatic bubble bath will boost your little one's mood. Children can play safely in the fenced and monitored area, and there is not only a sandpit, trampolines and playgrounds, but also a 24-metre zipline. 

Siedlisko Carownica Wellness & SPA, Fot. Archiwum ROTWŚ
Siedlisko Carownica Wellness & SPA, Fot. Archiwum ROTWŚ
Siedlisko Carownica Wellness & SPA, Fot. Archiwum ROTWŚ

To Busko-Zdrój fot Health and Beauty

According to the study, the sunniest city in Świętokrzyskie is Busko-Zdrój. This weather-friendly climate, together with the benefit of sulphur-based treatments and products, favours regeneration and relaxation. It is no wonder that Busko is the Świętokrzyskie capital of health resorts and spas. 


Busko-Zdrój's spa traditions date back to the 19th century. Today, you can admire the town's historic urban layout with beautiful villas and a huge spa park. Among the spas, Busko-Zdrój Spa reigns supreme with its most distinctive building, the Sanatorium Marconi in the building of the former baths. 

Busko's new addition is one of the largest and most modern brine graduation towers in Poland. This impressive structure is circular in shape with a diameter of about 72 m and a circumference of about 226 m, and the walls reach a height of almost 10 m. It consists of two rings of blackthorn oozing brine, reminiscent of a labyrinth, and in the middle is a courtyard with a fountain producing a soothing mist, where you can see cultural events. In addition, the graduation tower is topped by an observation deck which offers the panorama of the spa.

Throughout the city, several thousand beds await patients in numerous facilities of varying standards and diverse treatment offerings - these include the 21st Military Spa and Rehabilitation Hospital, the sanatoriums "Włókniarz", "Zbyszko", "Rafał", "Nida Zdrój" and "Astoria", the guesthouses Willa Natura and Sanato.

Busko-Zdrój z lotu ptaka nocą, Fot. Sławek Rakowski
Sanatorium Marconi w Busku-Zdroju, Fot. Sławek Rakowski
Tężnia w Busku-Zdroju, Fot. Sławek Rakowski

An important landmark on the map of Busko-Zdrój is the Bristol ART & Medical SPA**** located in a historic villa from the late 19th century. It is a combination of a hotel, modern spa and luxury wellness salon. It offers traditional spa treatments: balneology, physical therapy, hydrotherapy and massage, combining the natural advantages of the area (mainly sulphurous waters) with the latest technologies in treatment and rehabilitation. Luxurious cosmetics, relaxing massages and beautifying rituals based on the latest developments in cosmetology and aesthetic medicine await you at the hotel's spa. In addition, you will benefit from four types of sauna: Finnish, steam, infrared and biosauna.

Bristol Medical SPA Busko Zdrój, Fot. Archiwum ROTWŚ
Sauna na poziomie 3 w Hotelu Bristol**** w Busku-Zdroju, Fot. Archiwum ROTWŚ

Another elegant place in Busko combining rest with therapeutic, relaxation and beauty treatments is the Słoneczny Zdrój Hotel Medical SPA & Wellness. In addition to the use of sulphurous waters, it is renowned for its rehabilitation procedures, particularly for the treatment of back problems. In one of the 44 rooms, you can undergo therapy e.g. with the use of the state-of-the-art Tergumed 710 system. The hotel offers numerous occasional packages. 

Hotel Słoneczny Zdrój**** Wellness & SPA w Busku-Zdroju, Fot. Archiwum ROTWŚ
Hotel Słoneczny Zdrój**** Wellness & SPA w Busku-Zdroju, Fot. Archiwum ROTWŚ

Professional treatments including aesthetic medicine are offered by the Dormed Medical SPA Klinika Zdrowia i Urody in the quiet spa area of Busko-Zdrój directly next to the new Spa Park. Choose from balneological treatments - sulphide baths, collagen baths, mud baths and benefit from the advice of a cosmetologist, physiotherapist and podiatrist. 

Sulphur Solec-Zdrój

A lesser-known place on the spa map of the Świętokrzyskie region is the intimate Solec-Zdrój. Originating from Solec-Zdrój, the sulphide-bromine-iodine-boron brine has an unusually high content of active sulphur compounds found nowhere else. In the Solec-Zdrój Spa you can treat rheumatological, neurological, dermatological or cardiovascular conditions. Sulphide, iodine-bromide and peat waters are used in the treatments. 

Solec-Zdrój Health Resort

Among the Solec spas the Malinowy Hotel network reigns. At the Malinowy Raj**** hotel there are Mineral Pools - therapeutic and recreational pools, a paddling pool for children and a sauna zone. It is worth noting that the complex features Poland's only swimming pool filled with highly mineralised chloride and sodium (brine) sulphide, bromide, iodide and boron water with active sulphur compounds of approximately 900 mg/l, which has the highest concentration of these compounds in the world under natural conditions. Among other things, bathing in it has a general anti-inflammatory and analgesic effect, supports the regeneration of joint cartilage and aids digestive processes.

Malinowy Raj and Mineral Pools

In the Malinowy Zdrój**** hotel, on the other hand, time passes more slowly to the rhythm of various spa package choices - "For Her", "For Him", "Harmony of the Senses". Professional medical care, individual selection of treatments according to the type of ailment, age and state of health of the patient will certainly restore harmony between body and mind, improve the condition and endow with well-being.

Malinowy Zdrój Hotel

Europa Hotel in Starachowice

A good destination for families is Starachowice, where among hotels for children the Europa**** Hotel reigns supreme. A number of amenities have been prepared in the rooms, including bottle warmers, changing tables, contact and furniture protection and bath tubs. There are two playrooms with many attractions, a safe paddling pool with warm water is available in the pool area, and the spa offers treatments dedicated to children. What's more, you can rent bicycles with children's chairs from the hotel in summer and sledges in winter.

Relaks w hotelu Europa w Starachowicach, Fot. Archiwum ROTWŚ
Basen w Hotelu Europa w Starachowicach
Hotel Europa**** w Starachowicach, Fot. Archiwum Hotelu Europa

Świętokrzyska Polana Complex in Chrusty near Zagańsk

A range of amazing attractions is offered by the Świętokrzyska Polana Complex in Chrusty near Zagańsk, an important element of which is Polanika, a rehabilitation centre specialising in the rehabilitation and treatment of children with disabilities and various illnesses. After rehabilitation, the kids can visit, among other things, the Świętokrzysko Miniature Park and Oceanika with a number of aquaria with aquatic animals from all over the world, and play in the playground.

Świętokrzyska Polana Complex
Świętokrzyska Polana Complex

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