Autobus turystyczny - Zarezerwuj bilet !!!

Cross-country skis

Practical Information

  • Detailed InformationZwińRozwiń
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      Ski and snowboard
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    • Tourist region:
      Kielce Region
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    Winter trip  in Świętokrzyskie can be started in Bieliny. The village is famous for strawberry cultivation but in winter it changes into excellent place for cross - country skis. There is 23 ski paths in the most beautiful area of Świętokrzyskie Mountains.

    Bieliny - the origins of Bieliny date back to the 15th century. Its Polish name is most probably derived from the main occupation of the villagers, which was flax bleaching. Remodelled in the 19th century, the parish church of St Joseph the Spouse was erected in the 17th century. Other sacral monuments include charming little wooden chapels (19th c.). The village of Bieliny is well-known for its huge plantations of strawberries. The Strawberry Day has been celebrated here since 1998. As the local inhabitants are very fond of old customs, the program entitled “The Land of Świętokrzyskie Legends” was created and became a great tourist attraction. These outdoor games let tourists travel through time and take them for journeys in the past.