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Kielce – Mt Telegraf and Mt Pierścienica

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      Ski and snowboard
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      Kielce Region
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    Mt Telegraf (406 m) Skiers can enjoy the slope (40 m wide, 500 m long) equipped with a double T-bar, very steep in places and representing a difference of levels of 100 meters. Nearby is a small skilift for children and beginners (180 m long, difference of levels 30 m). The slope has snow-making and lighting facilities and is well prepared by snow-grooming machines. Ski-service and ski rental center is located near the lower station that also has a restaurant and a large car park.

    Mt Pierścienica (367 m) Here the slope (500 m long, 22-50 m wide, difference of levels 59 m) is also equipped with a double T-bar, electric lighting, snowmaking facilities and maintained in good shape by snowcats. A bar, ski-service, ski-rental center as well as a large parking lot are near the lower station. Services of ski instructors are available.