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The Nadnidziański Landscape Park – River Nida Meanders in the Gypsum Land

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      Landscape parks
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      Michałów , Unnamed Road
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    • Tourist region:
      Pińczów Region
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      28-400 Michałów, Unnamed Road
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    The park encompasses the central and lower part of the Nida River Valley, Solecka Basin, and the north-western part of the Pińczów Hummock of the total area of 57,000 acres.

    It protects a wealth of inanimate and animated nature in nine nature reserves: Skowronno, Grabowiec, Pieczyska, Krzyżanowice, Skorocice, Skotniki Górne, Winiary Zagojskie, Przęślin and Góry Wschodnie. Noteworthy is the gypsum series featuring a unique complex of gypsum karst phenomena and formations.

    The Nida River Valley is a characteristic element of the park landscape with its numerous meanders and old riverbeds creating an important ecological corridor as well as a habitat of mud and aquatic birds. Well-sunlit slopes of gypsum and lime hills are occupied by one of Poland"s largest community of xerothermic plants. Following are the names of certain rare species: burning bush, Cardina onopordifolia, Dorycnium germanicum, Serratula lycopifolia, Arabis recta, Sesleria uliginosa, everlasting pea, Reseda phyteuma, Veronica paniculata, Veronica praecox, Sisymbrium polimorphum, Linum hirsutum, Stipa capillata and Stipa joannis.


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    • Michałów, Unnamed Road
    • The Nadnidziański Landscape Park – River Nida Meanders in the Gypsum Land