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The Skałki Piekło (Hell Rocks) pod Niekłaniem

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    • Object type:
      Nature reserves
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    • Tourist region:
      Końskie Region
    • Organizer name:
      PTTK Branch Office in Końskie
    • Organizer data:
      26-200 Końskie, ul. Partyzantów 1
    • Phone:
      +48 41 372 31 70
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    Pod Lasem Danuta i Marek Kościołkowie
    Pod Lasem Danuta i Marek Kościołkowie

    • Niekłań Wielki, ul. Stawki 34a
    • +48 41 37-44-251
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    The Skałki Piekło (Hell Rocks) pod Niekłaniem inanimate nature reserve is another example proving that the region abounds in names containing such word as hell or devil. Located in the Stęporków commune, the reserve was established in 1959 to protect curious sandstone formations caused by wind erosion.

    Scattered over a line one-kilometer-long, they resemble  mushrooms, ledges, chimneys, pulpits, and the like. Their height reaches 8 meter sin places. The rock formations are found close to the blue hiking tourist trail (Kuźniaki – Sielpia – Końskie – Pogorzałe) or to the black one  leading from Wólka Plebańska (7 km).

    A long tome ago the devils of the Świętokrzyski Region were punished by the Lucifer himself: they were ordered to stay for some time in the grim rocky environment. As the penalty was not really very severe, the devils started their devilish games climbing rocks and toppling them down. Eventually the rocks started to emit hellish light and hence their present name.


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    • The Skałki Piekło (Hell Rocks) pod Niekłaniem