The Szaniecki Landscape Park

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      Landscape parks
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      Szaniec , Błonie 57
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      Busko-Zdrój Region
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      28-100 Szaniec, Błonie 57
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    It occupies the central part of the Pińczów Hummock and the south-western fragment of the Połaniec Basin (Szaniecki Plateau) covering an area of 27,000 acres.

    The main objective of the Szaniecki Landscape Park is to protect picturesque lime and gypsum hills as well as stenothermal communities of xerothermic, peatland and halophilous vegetation growing over large meadows and fields. There is only one nature reserve in the park (Owczary), and it is home to natural inland community of halophyte plants.

    Very characteristic are the outcrops of gypsum, especially of the multi-crystal gypsum formations found mainly on the Szaniecki Plateau in the environs of Szaniec, Gortatowice, Stawiany and Sędziejowice. Diversified forms of surface and underground karst such as sinkholes, valleys and caves are the result of karstic processes developing on the gypsum bedrock.


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    • Szaniec, Błonie 57
    • The Szaniecki Landscape Park