Culinary Heritage of Świętokrzyskie (within the European Network of Culinary Heritage)

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    Since the very beginning – the era of the Piast dynasty – the Poles enjoyed good food. Our dishes – both traditional and modern ones – are appreciated abroad and they frequently become culinary titbits. However, due to constant hurry and fast food restaurant chains, our eating habits are getting worse.


    The variety of tastes and scents, unique recipes based on tradition and high quality products accompany those who decide to follow the Trail of European Network of Culinary Heritage. On the trail we can try regional dishes. Raków serves Dzionie – a dish which according to tradition was “stolen” from the Jewish pots by the inhabitants of Raków.
    A gut stuffed with meat and matzah soaked in broth looks like liver sausage but it tastes much better! The secret of the unique taste of  Dzionie lies in its preparation resembling a mysterious ritual. Parzybroda (beard burner) may have a scary name, but it was used to be cooked in every home in Dalszyce and Raków region and now is one of the most recognizable dishes of the region. Boiled potatoes served with kraut and scratchings with a bit of grease are also delicious. A spicy pickle is perfect appetizer to every old-Polish dish.
    Delightful tastes of regional cuisine are not the only attraction of the trail. All the farms are situated in the most picturesque parts of the region. There"s nothing more relaxing than a rest in the bosom of nature. Fresh air, no cars, peace and quiet make us feel newborn.
    The journey with the European Network of Culinary Heritage Trail is a memorable experience and a fine way to gain a new perspective on this unique region.

    Practical information:
    The Members of Regional Network of Culinary Heritage of the Świętokrzyskie Voivodeship are the producers of agricultural, horticultural and fishery materials as well as producers, food-processing manufacturers and restaurant owners the products of which constitute culinary heritage of the region.
    The Świętokrzyskie Voivodeship is now a candidate to the European Network of Regional Culinary Heritage. It is going to access the Network as the full member under the name of Świętokrzyskie Cukinary Heritage next year.

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    Culinary Heritage in the Świętokrzyskie Voivodeship

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