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      Kielce Region
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      Ethnographic Park in Tokarnia
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      Tokarnia, 0 Tokarnia 303
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      +48 41 315 41 71
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      +48 41 34 92 97 wew. 10
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      +48 41 34 92 97 wew. 14
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    Ethnographic Park in  Tokarnia


    There is nothing more pleasant than leisure time spent with friends. Ethnographic Theme Park in Tokarnia gives you memorable experiences and serene rest at the same time. Crossing the gates to the Park is like a time travel to the 19th century.

    Strolling among the perfectly-preserved cottages, homesteads and manors, you cannot fight the impression that you are the protagonist of a novel taking place somewhere in the Polish countryside and that all the inhabitants of the houses have left only few second ago. Taking a glimpse of the old machines and tools and listening to the tales about the simple life in times which are gone for good make you think that history – like never before – is at hand. A visit to Tokarnia goes far beyond sightseeing. Folk and field games are an alternative way to learn about the heritage and nature of the Region and to get to know your fellow Tokarnia visitors. And as soon as the emotions fall after the competition"s end, everyone can participate in a traditional feast by the bonfire, where the most delicious dishes of the region can be tried and the atmosphere of the Park is felt in the air.
    Everyone is invited to Tokarnia, regardless of the season. A ride along the historic buildings enchants with native character and unique exhibits, no matter if you take the carriage or the sledge.
    The park gives fully-equipped space (indoor and outdoor) to organize large meetings, picnics and open air events.
    In the nearest future canoe rides to Sobków are going to be organised, so additional thrills are on their way! Choosing Tokarniaąs offer is a perfect solution for those looking for a venue to organise training courses or integration camps. Unique background, memorable atmosphere and multiple attractions will make your memories!

    Practical information:

    Ethnographic Park in Tokarnia is opened for visitors the whole year. Various cultural events, lessons, feasts and workshops are organised on the premises of the Park. Accommodation can be found in traditional Polish cottage in Ruda Pilczycka (suitable for 20 persons). The regional cuisine is served by “Karczma” (“The Inn”).

    The offer is proposed by:
    Ethnographic Park in Tokarnia

    Tokarnia 303
    Phone: +48 41 315 41 71


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