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      Busko-Zdrój , ul. 1 Maja 33
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      Busko-Zdrój Region
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     Park Area of Słowacki SPA

    Holidays constitute a serious... a problem in many Polish families. Where to go? What to choose? Mountains or sea side? Or maybe lakes? City or village? Together or separate? Numerous questions do not make the decision easy. The situation gets even more complicated if health problems arise, as it is fairly impossible to combine family holiday with rehabilitation or treatment in sanatorium. The staff of Sanatorium Słowacki SPA is aware of such problem and it has prepared a diverse offer: “For Health and Beauty” as a response. It is aimed at patients interested in therapeutic stay,  beauty treatment or combination of both.

    Various packages are offered to meet each customer"s needs, so that he or she could undergo therapeutic and beauty treatments under medical supervision and be physically active at the same time. Extensiveness of rehabilitation and complementary nature of particular treatments decide on the high effectiveness of therapy seen as a whole. Additional medical and beauty treatments make the patients" physical and mental state better.
    Medical treatment is based on the biggest treasure of Busko-Zdrój – valuable chloride-iodine-sodium-bromine-sulphide brine, known as sulphide water. High concentration of sulphur and high level of mineralization makes the water of immense medical value, especially in treating motor organs, rheumatism, skin, orthopaedic and traumatic conditions.

    All the patients can choose from a wide range of treatments, such as:
     - sulphide baths;
     - baths in mud suspension;
    - coal acid baths;
    - mud wraps;
    - hydrotherapy, kinesitherpay, physiotherapy;
    - massages.

    Beauty treatments and biological recuperation are available seven days a week and they include a wide spectrum of possible options. Guests may choose from specialist face treatment SOTHYS (for example Active Contour – anti-wrinkle eye-area treatment or Flash Beauty – lightening up, rejuvenating treatment with vitamins), GATINEAU (for example Defi Lift 3D – lifting and lightening-up treatment or Melatogenine – anti-wrinkle treatment giving the everlasting young look), or care treatment MATIS (for example Response Corrective – intensive anti-wrinkle treatment for adult skin or caviar  lifting). The body treatments include Rainy Dream (peeling), Peace of Senses (massage with relaxing oils), or various SPA capsule treatments – SOTHYS (detox, smoothing, slimming).
    “For Health and Beauty” package in Sanatorium Słowacki SPA includes a wide range of treatments, so that relaxation, beauty and health is sought here by the ill, tired or stressed-out guests. No matter why you decide to use the offer, wide therapeutic range, experience and unique surrounding guarantees you will achieve goal.

    The package is offered by:
    Sanatorium Słowacki SPA

    ul. 1 maja 33
    28-100 Busko-Zdrój
    Phone: +48 41 378 78 79


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