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If your Back Hurts

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      For health and beauty
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      Busko-Zdrój , ul. Chopina 9
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      Busko-Zdrój Region
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      Therapeutic and rehabilitation centre NATURA
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      Busko-Zdrój, ul. Chopina 9
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      +48 41 344 70 69
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      +48 41 378 70 56
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    Spine pain is the problem of which more and more people are suffering – working at computer desk, lack of physical activity and sloppiness of posture has lead to the fact that spine conditions has become lifestyle diseases.

    In rehabilitation and therapeutic centre NATURA, the special therapeutic program has been prepared for all those who suffer from various pains – neck, occipital, lumbar, chest, pectoral region (of various origin), coccyx pains and sciatica.
    The full package includes six days filled with various treatments performed by the qualified physiotherapists. The stay commences with light-therapy in which infra-red (one type for all conditions) is used. In the next days the treatment is arranged by the doctor and depends on the type and gravity of condition. The choice includes such treatments as: 

    - Therapeutic massage applied on the treated part of the spine,
    - Exercises healing the neck, chest or lumbar pains,
    - Muscle relaxation,
    - Strengthening the weakened muscles using Lewit and McKenzie techniques as well as the original Stodolny, M.D. technique,
    - Physiotherapy (i.e. laser, cryotherapy, TENS, diadynamic, ultrasounds, interferential currents, etc.);
    - The School of Backs (a practical programme to learn how to prevent development and recurrence of conditions of particular spine parts).

    The package can be supplemented with specialist medical treatment of motor organs and aesthetic  dermatology as well as additional psychotherapeutic kinesytherapeutic, kinezytaping and beauty treatments.
    In the free time one can use the city swimming pool and in the SPA centres – the salt cave and cryochamber, which are not included in the basic spine treatment programme but they have beneficial impact on health.
    We don"t think much about our spine until it starts to hurt. Do not wait until it happens, take care of the right posture, have a break from work and spend your free time in an active way. But if you start feeling the first symptoms of back pains, it is worth considering the complex medical package, which will not only alleviate the pain and the symptoms, but also – in the early stages – can stop the condition’s development for good.

    Practical information:
    The details of this and other packages (such The spine after surgery, Aching Shoulders) can be found at the centre’s website (
    The patients should bring full medical history, recent laboratory tests, X-ray, ECG (patients over 40), sport outfit and flip flops.

    The package is offered by:
    Therapeutic and rehabilitation centre NATURA

    ul. Chopina 9
    Tel.: +48 41 344 70 69


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    • If your Back Hurts