On the Route of Turtle and Dinosaur

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      Weekend for young people
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      Ostrowiec Świętokrzyski
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      Ostrowiec Świętokrzyski Region
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      The Society for Development of Bałtów Commune "Bałt"
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      27-423 Bałtów, 0 55
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      +48 41 264 12 93
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      +48 41 264 12 93
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    The Świętokrzyski region works like a magnet on those who look for variety of leisure time pursuits. One of such attractions is The Route of Turtle and Dinosaur, a part of a larger project – The Flint Ring. It is a perfect combination of physical activity, education, play, and gaining new experience.


    The Route starts in Jurassic Park in Bałtów, in which time has stooped millions years ago – when dinosaurs (huge reptiles) lived. Meeting them is a memorable experience. The models has been painstakingly prepared, so that the impression of time travel to Jurassic era is even more compelling. But don’t be scared of them, because today you are the conqueror and explorer of the Dinosaur world!
    Moreover, Bałtów offers the Jurassic Museum and Żydowski Jar (the Jewish Ravine), in which the fossils of prehistoric organisms which thousand years ago lived on this terrain can be seen. Few paleontological stands, in which the children can make their own discoveries,  has been prepared as well. Those who prefer to see the living creatures should visit the Bałtów Zoo. The terrain of over 40 thousand square meters is perfect for the Scottish cattle, alpacas, lamas, ostriches, zebu cattle and many more species. If you happen to visit Świętokrzyskie in the winter, Bałtów offers perfectly-prepared slope of Szwajcaria Bałtowska as well as equestrian club.
    History, architecture and fine-arts lovers will definitely like the Małachowski-family Chapel from 1789, a cemetery from the 19th century or Drucki-Lubecki-family palace form the end of the 19th century. You should absolutely visit Ćmielów, a small town nearby, in which the famous Porcelain Manufacture AS Ćmielów with The Living Porcelain Museum operating since 2005 is located. The Musuem is “alive” as, apart from standard exhibition, it is possible to see the technology of porcelain production and see how the beautiful figurines decorating our homes are made. Special ceramic workshops in which you can make your own porcelain figurine are organised for the biggest porcelain lovers.
    The Route of Turtle and Dinosaur is not only an opportunity to meet the prehistoric reptiles, see the sights of the region and the marvellous porcelain products, as the biggest secrets  are hidden underground. In 1992 in Krzemionki near Ostrowiec Świętokrzyski the complex of Neolithic mines was discovered. Hundreds of years ago it was the biggest European industrial centre in which the flint stone was excavated and the flint tools were produced and distributed. Nowadays, nearly 500 meter-long underground tourist route penetrating the insides of the 5 thousand-year old mines is open for visitors.

    The offer proposed by:
    The Society for Development of Bałtów Commune "Bałt"

    27-423 Bałtów
    Phine: +48 41 264 12 93
    E-mail: biuro@baltow.info


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