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Świętokrzyski Route of Wooden Architecture

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      Regional Tourism Organization of the Świętokrzyskie Voivodeship
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      25-033 Kielce, ul. Ściegiennego 2 32
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    Photo: G. Szczęsny

    Wooden architecture is far less durable than masonry works, that is why all the preserved wooden monuments are of such immense historic and cultural value. If you see an old, beautiful wooden church or a manor, your thoughts wander off – to the times when the treasures of Polish culture were born. The smell of wood and delicate scent of resin inside the buildings create romantic connotations.

    In your imagination you see the pictures from the past – the former inhabitants of wooden cottages and manors, the congregation visiting a country parish among the meadows.
    The traces of the past can be seen on the Świętokrzyski Route of Wooden Architecture. Three trails of that kind have been organised in Poland so far, in Podkarpacki, Śląski and Małopolski Region – the latter one is going to be directly joint with Świętokrzyski route.
    The trail leads to over 40 monuments scattered all over the region. They are mostly sacred buildings – churches and chapels, such us larch church of St. Stanisław the Bishop from 1527 in Chotelek Zielony or the Church of St. Idzi and Mikołaj from 1459 in Zborówek. The secular architecture, such as wooden cottage in Kakonin with the well-preserved interiors, can be seen as well. The trail consists of four regional loops and one loop of the city of Kielce. Following the Świętokrzyski Trail of Wooden Architecture is not only an aesthetic experience, but also an opportunity to learn about  the past and culture of the whole region. It is an exquisite leisure time pursuit and an inspiring journey for all the wooden architecture lovers who seek traces of the past hidden in the monuments.

    Practical information:
    The route is marked with boards corresponding to the graphical logo of wooden architecture trails of other regions (Małopolski, Podkarpacki and Śląski). Accommodation and boarding for bigger groups is offered in Youth Hostel Wędrownik in Kielce, Youth Hostel “Dom Harcerza” in Kielce-Białogon, Youth Hostel in Bodzentyn, Youth Hostel in Sandomierz, Holiday Resort MOSiR in Pińczów, Youth Hostel in Nagłowice. Individual tourists can find accommodation in numerous hotels, private lodgings and agrotourism farms available all over the Świętokrzyski region.

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    Regional Tourism Organisation of the Świętokrzyskie Voivodeship

    ul. Ściegiennego 2/32
    25-033 Kielce
    Phone: +48 41 361 80 57