The Cistercian Picnic under Cistercian Apple Tree

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      • For health and beauty
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      Sandomierz Region
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      The Society of the 800th Anniversary Cistercian Abbey in Koprzywnica Foundation
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      Koprzywnica, ul. Krakowska 78
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      +48 15 847 62 02
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    Nowadays, we don"t have much time for ourselves. Work and family duties give us only very rare opportunities to relax, sit back an armchair with a book in our hands and the favourite music in our ears. Stress, polluted air, dark offices with artificial light and lack of sunlight make us physically and mentally susceptible. Unfortunately, we usually do not care much about keeping our bodies fit. A new trend – long walks in the most picturesque places – is being introduced in order to change the situation and urge into better treatment of bodies and souls. The Świętokrzyski Region offers Cistercian Picnic under Cistercian Apple Tree for all those who wish to rest and give some time to themselves.


    Amazing atmosphere of medieval abbey and unique charm of the small town of Koprzywnica will certainly set us in mellow mood. The main relaxation technique amid Romanesque eremitorium is to find the forgotten rhythm of life. You can do it by following the Benedictine rule of dividing the day into prayer, work and contemplation time. By maintaining the right proportions, one can achieve the inner peace and find the rhythm of life already mentioned above. Leisure time spent on prayer, work and rest helps to recuperate mental and physical strength. Participating in Cistercian Picnic is the unique occasion to expand your knowledge on the Cistercians – the heirs of Benedictine thought and the progenitors of the united Europe. The Picnic is also a memorable journey into the past. On the visit to medieval fair one can buy exquisite regional goods. Accommodation can be found in numerous agrotourism farms. Each of them offers regional dishes and titbits of Cistercian cuisine, such as Cistercian Snails or nettle soup.
    Active leisure enthusiast will not feel disappointed. Britzka rides and traditional horseback riding lessons are only a small part of all the attractions waiting for the guests.
    Taking part in this event will turn into emotional and spiritual experience which will last forever in your memory. After such rest we will be able to find our inner peace, regardless of stress and hurry of contemporary life.

    The offer is proposed by:
    The Society of the 800th Anniversary Cistercian Abbey in Koprzywnica Foundation

    ul. Krakowska 78
    Phone: +48 15 847 62 02