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The Winter Sabbath

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    Winter sports in the Świętokrzyskie Region

    For centuries the history and landscape of the Świętokrzyskie Region has witnessed the annual Sabbath on Łysa Góra. This peculiar rally of the sinister wielding dark powers and forces is attended by witches, sorceresses and wizards from all over the country. Ritual dance by the fire and the search for herbs of magical powers (perfect for mysterious potions) lasts till midnight. This celebration takes place during the Midsummer Night. And what do the witches do in the winter, times when the days are short and cold and herbs are deeply covered with a deep duvet of snow? Well... the witches frolic about in the snow during “The Winter Sabbath”.
    It proves that the Świętokrzyskie Voivodeship is the witches" choice not only in the summer. Winter sports" lovers will find numerous skiing routes – Telegraf, Skocznia, Sabat in Krajno, a slope in Tumlin or in Niestachów. It"s a perfect place not only for skiing, but also for extreme winter adventure. Here you can roll down the slope with a dizzying speed right inside a huge, transparent spherical ball, known as the zorb ball. Snow scooters, quads and snow chariots races give a solid shot of adrenaline, whereas sledge competition, downhill on the tyres, five-person skis or plastic sledge ride will definitely bring the childhood memories back. The highest peak of winter fun in Świętokrzyskie is The Winter Sabbath. It"s not only the witches coming to the snowy slopes of the Świętokrzyskie Mountains. It"s also an attempt to get down the hill using any old thing, even a huge cauldron or even a black cat. No holds barred! It"s a great opportunity to have fun and learn the history and culture of the region in a bit off-the-wall setting and circumstances. Even if we consider Świętokrzyskie to be the land of incredible events and the supernatural forces" playground, the sight of a witch going down the hill on a black cat, with her hair ruffled and skirt blown back, is still not very common here.

    Practical information:
    Additional information on the Winter Olympic and the Winter Sabbath can be obtained on . Accomodation and boarding facilities can be found in hotels, such as “Uroczysko” in Cedzyna, “Przedwiośnie” in Mąchocie, “Leśny Dwór” in Kielce, “Jodłowy Dwór” in Huta Szklana”, “Jodełka” resort  in Święta Katarzyna or Equestrian Club “Amazonka” in Borków.

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