On the Orłowiński Chain

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  • Detailed InformationZwińRozwiń
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      Ociesęki – Koziel – Zamczysko – Widełki – Włochy – Stołowa – Września – Niwy - Daleszyce
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      Kielce Region
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      Świętokrzyski PTTK Branch in Kielce
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      25-007 Kielce, ul. Sienkiewicza 29
    • Phone:
      +48 41 344 77 43
    • Phone (second):
      +48 41 344 59 14
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    • Tourist opinionsZwińRozwiń

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    This scenic route leads through The Cisowsko-Orłowiński Landscape Park. It allows to see the turbulent history of the region during World War II. Geology fans will love the trail located in a small boulder fields.

    photo M. Słowik

    Course: Ociesęki – Koziel – Zamczysko – Widełki – Włochy – Stołowa – Września – Niwy - Daleszyce

    Marking: section Ociesęki – Zamczysko – without marking; section Zamczysko – Daleszyce -  blue marking.
    Time: about 4:30h (Time does not include sightseeing).
    Lenght: 18km

    Zamczysko - isolated elevation in the Orłowińskie Band, forming extended over 2 km long ridge. Southern slope is steep, the northern is heavily fragmented.

    Włochy – from the top of the mountain, one can admire landscapes of the Widełki Valley. From the left: Ociesęckie band, Mountain Zamczysko, Mountain Kamienna and Orłowińskie Chain.

    Cisów Reserve - created in 1970 in the eastern part of the Cisowski Band with an area of 40.58 hectares, where a fragment of original mixed forest has been protected. It consists of trees, beeches, firs, pines, oaks, spruces, larches, and some trees which have already been over 160 years.

    Stołowa - is a central hill of Cisowski Range, a fairly diverse surface slope. The red and white signs on the top lead to the place of encampment branch of "Barabbas," which has been commemorated by a cross with an information plaque. Near descending from the slope at the crossroads, the monument of 80ties is situated. Subtitles inform that guerillas troops camped in the area.

    Września - about 250 meters from the tip of the hill is a sandstone of quartzite rock with a diameter of several meters. Since 1987, it is a monument of inanimate nature.