Sandomierskie Landscapes (2)

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      Sandomierz Rynek - Rzeczyca Sucha - Kichary - Dwikozy - Kamień Nowy - Kamień Łukawski - Sandomierz (ulica Błonie - Rynek Starego Miasta)
    • Attractions on the route:
      Opatowska Gate, Town Hall, Underground Tourist Route, Cathedral, Dom Długosza, Collegium Gostomianum, Castle in Sandomierz, Saint Jakub"s Church, Gorge of Queen Jadwiga, Fortified Manor in Kichary, Pieprzowe Mountains , "Panieńska Góra" Reserve
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      Sandomierz Region
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    This easy trail is the perfect choice for a short, afternoon bike trip. It does not require high skills cycling. In addition to the scenic value, the route has sightseeing value.

    Course: Sandomierz Square - Rzeczyca Sucha - Kichary - Dwikozy - Kamień Nowy - Kamień Łukawski - Sandomierz (ul. Błonie –Old City Square)
    Lenght: 23,5 km
    Colour: blue
    Dificulty: easy


    Sandomierz - occupying a few hills and a high escarpment from which enfolds a splendid view over the Vistula valley, the town has more than 120 monuments of architecture. Most of them date back to the Middle Ages and that"s why Sandomierz is considered a real gem of the Świętokrzyski region. The highlight of the town is its old town with the Renaissance town hall standing in the middle of the market square. The ground floor of the town hall is occupied by the exhibitions of the Regional Museum; they reveal to us the historical development of Sandomierz. Interesting are old burgher houses that line the market square. Worth a special attention is the Oleśnicki family house (16th c.), Mikołaj Gomółka house (16th c.), St Andrzej Bobola boarding school (17th c.), and the House Under Ciżemka (16th c.). Very beautiful view of the market square can be enjoyed by those who enter the town through Opatów Gate (Brama Opatowska), one of Poland"s best preserved medieval city gates. There were four such gates incorporated in the medieval defensive system of the town, but only Opatów Gate survived. Visitors can admire the panoramic view of the old town from its top (30 m). The Sandomierz market square can also be admired from the underground level. One of the town"s star attractions is the Underground Tourist Route (470 m in length, 12 m in depth), which leads through a chain of 30-odd cellars beneath the houses around the market square.

    Kichary – worth to see is chapel of Saint Jacek and Saint Roch built in the 17. century. According to legend, in the village a Benedictine fortified manor house was built.

    The Pieprzowe Mountains -  being as old as around 500 million years owe their name to the colour of their rocks [“pieprzowe” meaning “pepper” in Polish]. The so-called argillaceous schist oxidised under the influence of atmospheric conditions and then crumbled to resemble pepper. Now they constitute a unique on the European scale geology and nature reserve dominated by wild rose and junipers with their navy-blue berries. A beautiful view over the Vistula Valley and the Old Market located on the escarpment stretches from the reserve. Another precious monument of nature in Sandomierz is a deep loess ravine locally as deep as 10 m and as long as 400 m. This is the place where the Queen Jadwiga, born around 1374, used to stroll along while visiting Sandomierz.

    Dwikozy – village located 7 km from Sandomierz on the route Sandomierz - Warsaw, already mentioned in the 20. century. It is a region of mass production of fruits and vegetables, known across Europe. Local plants arose in 1939. The village has character of a small town. In the 20.century, its development was influenced by a large railway linking Skarżysko-Kamienna of Tarnobrzeg. In the village stands a monument of insurgents which fallen in February 1863 during the battle at Dwikozy and Słupcza. Near the village a steppe vegetation reserve "Panieńska Mountain” is located.

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