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The Bałtow Bicycle Trail (1)

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    • Locations on the route:
      Bałtów - Wólka Bałtowska - Trzemcha - Górna - Antoniów Duży - "Modrzewie" Reserve - Bałtów
    • Attractions on the route:
      JuraPark Bałtów, Palace of Drucki-Lubecki, Modrzewie Reserve
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    • Tourist region:
      Ostrowiec Świętokrzyski Region
    • Organizer name:
      PTTK Branch of Mieczysław Radwan in Ostrowiec Świętokrzyski
    • Organizer data:
      27-400 Ostrowiec Świętokrzyski, al. 3 Maja 8
    • Phone (mobile):
      +48 505 444 874
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    The most attractive place on the trail is Jurassic Park in Bałtów which offers educational path, contact with nature and amusement in the Jurrasic Playground.

    Course: Bałtów, square with a fountain and figure of Jesus Christ - Wólka Bałtowska – bridge on Trzemcha River - Trzemcha Górna - Antoniów Duży -"Modrzewie" Reserve - Bałtów, square with a fountain and figure of Jesus Christ
    Length: 11,9 km
    Colour: blue
    Dificulty: easy

    photo M. Słowik

    Bałtów - millions years ago dinosaurs roamed through the Kamienna River valley and left there their well-visible trail on the lime bedrock. The JuraPark Bałtów was set up nearby and it attracts lots of tourists every year. Touring the park is like traveling throughout our planet"s history from the Cambrian period till the present times. Reconstructed dinosaurs and other animal groups are the greatest attraction of the park. Worth to see the Stary Młyn (Old Mill) powered by water and still functioning. All elements of the mill equipment are in perfect operational state. An old miller who knows all secrets of the facility takes visitors around. The neoclassical palace (119th c.) of the Drucki-Lubecki family is surrounded by a park arranged in the 18th century and containing many old trees recognized as nature monuments. Prince Aleksander Drucki-Lubecki lived in the palace before WWII. The list of historical monuments in Bałtów can be supplemented by a wooden chapel of Saint Jan Nepomucen (19th c.) and a cemetery (19th c.) with a mausoleum of the Drucki-Lubecki princely family.

    “Modrzewie” Reserve – protects part of multi-species forest with natural character, with larch which grows loess ravine.

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