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Sanctuary of Mother of Sorrows in Kałków-Godów

Practical Information

  • Detailed InformationZwińRozwiń
    • Object type:
      • Shrines and worship
      • Religious monuments
    • County:
    • Community:
    • Address:
      Godów , Unnamed Road
    • Postal Code:
    • Latitude:
    • Longitude:
    • Tourist region:
      Starachowice Region
  • Description

     The sanctuary, which constitutes an important centre of Marian veneration, was built in the 1980’s owing to priest custodian Czesław Wala’s great will and driving force as well as the local inhabitants’ work.

    Within its framework a large complex of sacred buildings came into existence, among which there are Świętokrzyska Via Dolorosa- a 33 metre building- the Pantheon of the Polish Nation martyrdom, a parish church with the famous for divine grace painting of Mother of Sorrows, Stations, A Way to Bethlehem, Rosary Chapels, Pieta Chapel, John Paul II’s House, The Pilgrim’s House and Âwi´tokrzyska Panorama- the mobile Mystery of Christ’s Passion. In addition to this, a workshop of occupational therapy functions dynamically in the area of the sanctuary.

    The Sanctuary of Mother of Soorrows
    the Queen of Poland and Mother of the Świętokrzyska Land

    Kałków-Godów 84a, gm. Pawłów
    The information provided by Dom Pielgrzyma
    Phone: +48 41 272 18 88


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    • 21.174645423889
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    • Godów, Unnamed Road
    • Sanctuary of Mother of Sorrows in Kałków-Godów