Tokarnia Heritage Park

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    The main exhibition of the Museum of Kielecka Village is the Ethnographic Park in Tokarnia, which is located on the E77 route leading from Kielce to Cracow.

    In the picturesquely located in the Czarna Nida river bend over 70-hectare area, the most treasured vintage buildings from the turn of the 18th and the19th centuries wooden architecture from the territory of the Świętokrzyskie Mountains, the Krakowsko- Częstochowska Upland, Sandomierska Upland and Nidziańska Basin have been gathered.

    These are e.g. homesteads, small-town buildings, a manor house, farm buildings, country industry monuments and sacred buildings. The most interesting places to visit are: the manor house in Suchedniów dating from 1856, the manor granary in Złota built in 1719 and the baroque Church dating from 1761 dedicated to the Madonna of Consolation of Rogów on the Vistula. Interiors of the nineteenth-century cottages and craftman’s workshops, the chemist’s, the small shop and the tailor’s, the exhibition of a village school from the interwar period, the collection of sculptures on the exhibition called To preserve for posterity. Jan Bernasiewicz - the creator of the sculpture garden as well as temporary exhibitions, e.g. Wheat is being ground...

    Windmills and wind milling on the Land of Kielce... are displayed. The Museum organises numerous cyclic folk events, such as The Fireman Picnic (in May), Smelting of Lead, The Forest Days and Świętokrzyski Agrotouristic Fair (in June), The Harvest Festival (in August), The Sunday in the Open-air Museum (in September), The Christmas Fair (in December), etc.


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