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21st Spa and Rehabilitation Military Hospital

Practical Information

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    • Category of standardization:
    • Facilities:
      • Swimming Pool
      • We speak English
      • Parking
      • Tv sat
    • County:
    • Community:
    • Address:
      Busko-Zdrój , ul. Rzewsukiego 8
    • Postal Code:
    • Latitude:
    • Longitude:
    • Tourist region:
      Busko-Zdrój Region
    • Position:
    • Price min. per prsn:
      160 PLN
    • Price max. per prsn:
      440 PLN
    • Whole week:
    • Spa resources:
      Healing waters
    • Available treatments:
      • Balneotherapy
      • Physiotherapy
      • Inhalations
      • Iontophoresis
      • Solutions
      • Cryotherapy
      • Massage
      • Ultrasounds
    • Healed illness:
      • Rheumatic and movement organs
      • Skin
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    The 21. Military Spa and Rehabilitation Hospital SP ZOZ in Busko-Zdrój offers rehabilitation therapy combined with spa treatment. This rule is based on application of balneological treatment and kinesitherapy at one time and in one place, together with the whole spectrum of other physiotherapeutic procedures. Such combination of therapies, properties of the local sulphide brine and the Busko-Zdrój microclimate ensure restoration of health, locomotor mobility and full professional activity of our patients. Rehabilitation procedures in our hospital are recommended mainly to those who underwent operation of locomotor organs, suffer from post-traumatic conditions, and spine (spinalgia) or peripheral joint (arthralgia) pains. Our medical staff specialize in kinesitherapy. During individual sessions with patients, our experienced team of rehabilitation specialists make use of internationally renown methods of kinesitherapy such as McKenzie Method, PNF, S-E-T, BMS, and their own procedures worked out during 70 years of our hospital’s existence. Ours is an inpatient clinic, so our patients receive all treatments without leaving the hospital premises. Parking lot, outdoor fitness path, grounds for recreation and entertainment events, rental of bikes and Nordic walking sticks as well as Internet access and hairdresser and beauty parlor are all available on the premises of hospital grounds. There is also a solarium, dentist’s room, library and a chapel.


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    • 20.7210099
    • 50.4543718
    • Busko-Zdrój, ul. Rzewsukiego 8
    • 21st Spa and Rehabilitation Military Hospital