Czyżów Szlachecki

Traveling from Zawichost to Ożarów one comes to a little village of Czyżów Szlachecki famous for its perfectly renovated palace from 1740-1751. It was built for castellan of Połaniec Aleksander Czyżowski in place of a Gothic fortress destroyed by Swedes.

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Cracovian castellan Klemens founded Klimontów near Sandomierz around 1240. First records of the village"s existence date back to 1404. It passes into hands of the Ossoliński family in the 15th century. Castellan of radom, Jan Ossoliński, a close companion of king Władysław II Jagiełło was the first owner of Klimontów.

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Situated in the River Koprzywnica valley, the town is known thanks to the Cistercians who built here their abbey in 1185. Its characteristic Baroque tower is visible from far away. Mikołaj Bogoria of the nearby Skotniki founded a monastery for the Cistercian monks arriving from Burgundy in the 12th century.

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None of Poland"s towns can boast such a wonderful location as Sandomierz. Occupying a few hills and a high escarpment from which enfolds a splendid view over the Vistula valley, the town has more than 120 monuments of architecture. Most of them date back to the Middle Ages and that"s why Sandomierz is considered a real gem of the Świętokrzyski region.

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Zawichost upon the Vistula is located some 18 km north-east from Sandomierz. In the Middle Ages Zawichost was ruled by a castellan and was an important stronghold protecting the river crossing. In 1257 duke Bolesław Wstydliwy donated the town with surrounding localities to the local convent of Poor Clares founded by his sister Salome.

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