Bartek the Oak

The oak “Bartek” which, according to various sources, is as old as 700 to 1000 years, belongs to the most famous and most widely admired monuments of nature in Poland.

  • Zagnańsk, Turystyczna 115
  • +48 41 300 13 22
The Zygmuntów Marble Quarry

Access to the quarry is via the Kielce - Chęciny road where, after passing the highest culmination of this section, which is Czerwona Góra, we turn right to the west, heading towards the top of the hill. After driving into the forest, after approx. 150 meters, turn right from the asphalt road to the quarry.

  • Chęciny, Czerwona Góra
  • +48 41 315 10 06